Being an international student is difficult but gratifying

Lilith Zhu Liberal arts aim at creating citizens who are able to take part in civic life.  In other words, it aims at creating better citizens who are able to understand their place in this globalized world. Ursinus College, as a liberal arts institution, provides its students with all the skills they need to reach […]

A vegan’s defense of hunting

By Max Bicking mabicking@ursinus.edu I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town, where almost everyone seemed to be a hunter. In elementary school, my classmates would boast about their father’s recent buck kill. My own father is a pacifist, and has never hunted in his life, like the rest of my family. So I was […]

Tuition is a headache for international students

By Niriesa Kalaga gakalaga@ursinus.edu The price of tuition has caused an uproar among many international students on campus. On the Ursinus website, the cost of tuition between 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 rose significantly. This year’s total cost of attendance is $57,580 with the tuition alone amounting to $45,890. In 2013, the tuition was $44,350; which means […]

International Perspective: Gaoko exam makes Chinese students come to America

Guanjie Wang When I came to America, ready to begin my undergraduate study, I spotted  a lot of Chinese in the Los-Angeles airport. Then, after I landed at my final destination, Philadelphia airport, the phenomenon was the same as it was in Los Angeles. A lot of Chinese students were talking about their schools, high-schools […]

After all, you only live once, right?

Take advantage of Ursinus’ study abroad programs By Max Molishever mamolishever@ursinus.edu Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a blistering infectious condition that causes Ursinus students to stop themselves from whatever might be their genuine interest for a given day, weekend, or semester in fear of missing out on something socially happening on campus that strays […]

Students should be cautious about studying abroad

By Jordan Breslow jobreslow@ursinus.edu After the horrifying attack on satirical journalists in Paris, France this month by armed terrorist extremists, UC Students should be undeterred in their study abroad plans but increasingly cautious and vigilant. Whether you are currently abroad or you are going in coming semesters, violent global terror activities are expected to continue […]

Affection is different in all cultures

Koji Yamamoto Musser, the “international” dorm, makes me happy because there are many students who are from different countries. They are very friendly and I enjoy talking with them every day. One day I had an interesting conversation about PDA (public displays of affection) with other Musser residents. There were six students and I was […]

Denial of Birth Control is Unconstitutional

Sydney Dodson-Nease sydodsonnease@ursinus.edu The Affordable Healthcare Act was a big step forward for women’s rights, because women were finally being promised the healthcare coverage and the reproductive autonomy they should have already had access to. A recent Supreme Court ruling, however, limits insurance coverage for women, and undermines the only aspect of the Affordable Healthcare […]

Jewish Frat Vandalized

Steven Valverde stvalaverde@ursinus.edu Symbolic meanings are based on our agreement about them. Advertisers utilize symbols to form brand recognition in their targeted consumers, so that they will always recognize the products. Sometimes a single image provides a much more powerful message as compared to the spoken word or written sentences. Symbols are a concentrated form […]

Letter to the editor

Jennifer Round jround@ursinus.edu I am disappointed by the one-sided nature of the reporting inthe recent article, “UC responds to drop in ranking.” There are many Ursinus community members who feel that the absence of Ursinus College from US News and World Report’s 2015 Best Colleges is indeed a big deal, yet their views were not […]


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