New film “Black Mass’’ rated 6/10

Chase Babrich bebabrich@ursinus.edu Those who have seen a few of Johnny Depp’s starring roles know he has quite the range. Most people probably remember him as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow, but his list of trademark characters doesn’t end there. He has played everything from a crazy candy maker, to a psychedelic sportswriter, to a […]

Another home: studying abroad

Morgan Pambianco mopambianco@ursinus.edu Leaving the country for the first time is a big deal. And I’m not talking about leaving-the-country-for-a-vacation-to-the-Bahamas-with-the-folks kind of a big deal. I’m talking about packing up all your coolest outfits, your flip flops, umbrellas, hiking gear, pictures of your dog, snow boots, swim suit, Yu-Gi-Oh cards—whatever you can’t go terribly long […]

The cleaning staff should not be ignored

Sarah Gow sagow@ursinus.edu It’s six in the morning and I sit hunched over the glow of my laptop screen in the hallway of BWC. It’s the first Monday after move-in weekend of freshman year, and I feel hesitant wherever I sit. Clattering up the stairs comes the cleaning lady. Six-o-four on the dot. It was […]

Is “Fun Home” appropriate for CIE? College students shouldn’t shy away from controversial topics

Caitlin Tillson catillson@ursinus.edu Recently there has been some backlash from religious students against the reading of “Fun Home,” a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel, because it deals with lesbian sexuality. Even as a senior with my CIE career long behind me, this is still an important issue to me because it is less about CIE […]

Extra-curricular options for students

Daniel Pineda dapineda@ursinus.edu While college is the place to develop your intellect, no one can ignore that a big part of college is the social scene. Involving yourself in activities while branching out in your interests is fundamental to student life. Although Ursinus is a small college located in a small town, it is still […]

“The Visit” rated 5/10

Chase Babrich bebabrich@ursinus.edu Way back in 1999, when Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez used the found footage style in their film “The Blair Witch Project,” they had no idea that not only would this bring on a decade and a half of found footage copycats, but that someday M. Night Shyamalan himself would go on […]

A new bill: $10 rejects Hamilton for a woman

Sophie Snapp sosnapp@ursinus.edu In June of 2015 the hashtag “#TheNew10” became a politically poignant and discussion-provoking trend on Twitter. The hashtag didn’t label a brief fad, but contributed to the voice of a socio-political micro-movement that very few are even aware of. By 2020, however, everyone will be aware of the change. According to United […]

A rough road to peace

Neomi Haut nehaut@ursinus.edu Despite all the research conducted around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is still no one specific named cause of this never-ending battle. Whether it be religious, political, economical, or social, the conflict brings up the question of ethnic identity and differences between Israelis and Palestinians overall. What makes the dynamic even more interesting […]

“Straight Outta Compton” rated 7/10

Chase Babrich bebarich@ursinus.edu In the last six months, police brutality has saturated the news headlines. From the shooting of the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, to the death of Freddie Gray and the ensuing protests, race relations between African-Americans and police officers seems to be on everyone’s mind. Such is an interesting context to keep in […]

New Tips For a New Year at UC

Brian Thomas brthomas@ursinus.edu This academic year, Ursinus is trying out a lot of new things. Some of these changes, like the renovation of the steps of Olin Hall, are visible if inconvenient. Others, like new professors in smaller departments, are more hidden. Some of these changes, such as the move to replace Blackboard with Canvas, […]


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