Students who go the distance: How plausible are long distance relationships on college campuses

Kristen Costello krcostello@ursinus.edu Last summer I spent a lot of time hanging out at the pool in my apartment complex. Since I had lifeguarded in high school, I found myself swapping stories with one of the lifeguards one day while signing in. At one point in the conversation he asked me if I had a […]

Villenueve continues strong streak with new film

Chase Babrich bebabrich@ursinus.edu Denis Villenueve’s latest directorial effort, “Sicario” grabs movie-goers by the head, forces them to face the screen, and doesn’t let go. One should not, however, be surprised by this; Villenueve’s most recent works have each had this quality about them. “Prisoners” and “Enemy” (both released in 2013) also have a grim, austere […]

Gun control: A loaded issue

Phoebe French phfrench@ursinus.edu The nation’s on-going debate over gun control appears to be a perfect example of “the dichotomy fallacy” at work, particularly as it pertains to those who have refused to accept any limitations on their right to bear arms. This particular fallacy describes the flawed reasoning that attempts to take an issue or […]

Voter ambivalence is harmful

Caitlin Tillson catillson@ursinus.edu There are few things more irritating than people who don’t care about politics. What is wrong with you—what do you mean you “don’t really follow politics”? Do you not care about the country? Do you not care about your education, having a job, the environment, and wars? Even if you just don’t […]

New Film “Green inferno” rated 3/10

Chase Babrich bebabrich@ursinus.edu Those familiar with the genre of “shock horror” are a particular brand of filmgoers.  Instead of watching a film to gain insight into a concept, to root for a main character, or to get wrapped up in a film’s universe, those who watch “gorefests” essentially enjoy being made as uncomfortable as possible. […]

Should UC ban cigarettes Colleges stoke flames with new no-smoking policies

Sophie Snapp sosnapp@ursinus.edu In the United States alone there are 1,620 college and university campuses that enforce smoke-free policies and ban cigarettes everywhere on school property. In Iowa and Arkansas, all private institutions are smoke-free by law, and in Pennsylvania there are 11 higher education schools that have also adopted this policy. What would it […]

New film “Black Mass’’ rated 6/10

Chase Babrich bebabrich@ursinus.edu Those who have seen a few of Johnny Depp’s starring roles know he has quite the range. Most people probably remember him as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow, but his list of trademark characters doesn’t end there. He has played everything from a crazy candy maker, to a psychedelic sportswriter, to a […]

Another home: studying abroad

Morgan Pambianco mopambianco@ursinus.edu Leaving the country for the first time is a big deal. And I’m not talking about leaving-the-country-for-a-vacation-to-the-Bahamas-with-the-folks kind of a big deal. I’m talking about packing up all your coolest outfits, your flip flops, umbrellas, hiking gear, pictures of your dog, snow boots, swim suit, Yu-Gi-Oh cards—whatever you can’t go terribly long […]

The cleaning staff should not be ignored

Sarah Gow sagow@ursinus.edu It’s six in the morning and I sit hunched over the glow of my laptop screen in the hallway of BWC. It’s the first Monday after move-in weekend of freshman year, and I feel hesitant wherever I sit. Clattering up the stairs comes the cleaning lady. Six-o-four on the dot. It was […]

Is “Fun Home” appropriate for CIE? College students shouldn’t shy away from controversial topics

Caitlin Tillson catillson@ursinus.edu Recently there has been some backlash from religious students against the reading of “Fun Home,” a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel, because it deals with lesbian sexuality. Even as a senior with my CIE career long behind me, this is still an important issue to me because it is less about CIE […]


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