The sexist nature of March Madness

Allie Cook alcook@ursinus.edu “Did you fill out a bracket?” “Who do you have winning the whole thing?” “Ahh, I have one more hour to make changes to my bracket. Should I switch my picks?” These phrases and more have been commonly heard throughout the hallways the past several weeks. Understandably everyone is getting ready for […]

Wellness waits are too long

Deana Harley deharley@ursinus.edu   This past flu season it seemed like every single person on campus was sick at some point. It was dreadful, walking across campus and hearing all of those sneezes and coughs. People were piling into wellness looking for remedies to make them feel even a little bit better, but they only […]

Ditch the SAT once and for all

Kristen Costello krcostello@ursinus.edu There are going to be a few changes made to the SAT starting in the Spring of 2016, according to Collegeboard. The changes include things such as the essay portion being optional, the vocabulary words- being less obscure, and that students won’t be penalized for wrong answers on the multiple-choice section. Despite […]

Being biracial does not mean choosing sides

Kendra Walker kewalker@ursinus.edu In one of my classes from last year, a topic we would discuss was the way white people and black people interact, but everyone had their own attitude on both. I have always been confused on what I think about these discussions because I am visibly both. We were asked to describe […]

Take Revenge Porn More seriously

Nikki Djambinov nidjambinov@ursinus.edu Nudity is everywhere in our society. From billboards selling underwear such as Calvin Klein and PETA’s “No Fur” campaigns to magazine covers, it’s become a more acceptable thing to see. Television shows and movies commonly show sex scenes and no one bats an eye. The people on the advertisements, shows and movies […]

Marijuana laws should be changed nationwide

Yonshi Li Despite some strong objection against the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, I consider the legalization to be important in reducing unjust, racially biased arrests, increasing government tax revenue, and reducing police spending. Recreational marijuana has been legalized in Colorado since 2012. Anyone in Colorado who is over 21 years old can purchase and […]

The Grey area in Fifty Shades

Phoebe French phfrench@ursinus.edu From what I’ve seen so far, there are two main sides to the controversy surrounding “Fifty Shades of Grey.” One side argues that it’s about a controlling relationship that promotes violence against women and gives the world the wrong perception of BDSM. Conversely, others say that it’s just a movie and the […]

International Perspective: Stereotypes in U.S. colleges

Fuka Tazawa A lot of my friends in Japan ask me about college life in America. They especially ask about friendship, partying and dating. Understandably, their ideas about college life in America are mostly influenced by American television shows or programs that they see in Japan. They assume that the media exaggerates how it is […]

Ursinus has a responsibility to ban Yik Yak

Becky Honor rehonor@ursinus.edu How great is it that we can speak our minds whenever we want? You can always speak out against something you don’t agree with or support something you do agree with without expecting a serious punishment. Sure, not everyone will always agree with everything you say, but that’s the beauty of freedom […]

A Necessary change to CIE

Christine Palazzolo chpalazzolo@ursinus.edu Being a freshman at Ursinus College—what does it mean? What does it entail? There are three letters in the alphabet that I can safely assume roll off the tips of upperclassmen’s tongues when asked about their first year here and that are bitterly grumbled from the current BPS and BWC dwellers—the Common […]


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