Military Strategies for U.S. foreign affairs The United States should use their power more responsibly in worldwide issues

Jordan Breslow jobreslow@ursinus.edu Despite the President’s conflicting messages from the NATO conference in Wales in September, it has become very clear that the White House sees military action as the preferred way of handling this growing international issue. I am not discounting the threat ISIS has the potential to inflict, but I feel we must […]

Letter to the Editor

In response to the article, “Argument against wet campus is a slippery one,” published on September 11, 2014 By Jeanine Hanson Parent of an Ursinus student I just finished reading your wet campus article. As a parent of an Ursinus student, I was not happy about what was printed to the students. When you send […]

Voting in midterm elections is important

Jordan Breslow jobreslow@ursinus.edu The 2014 midterm elections are just around the corner, and the deadline in Pennsylvania to register to vote is Oct. 6. In the Myrin Library, on the third floor next to the registrar’s office, voter registration forms are available. If you are an out-of-state student and still wish to vote in your […]

Curbing your enthusiasm A polemic against the Main Street catcalling problem

Emily Duffy emduffy@ursinus.edu If I had a dollar for every time I’ve experienced street harassment during my time at Ursinus, I’d be in a slightly better position to pay off my student loans come graduation. A recent incident left me particularly baffled. Early this semester, I was walking up Main Street and a man in […]

Bigfoot in american pop culture: fact or fiction?

Mark Branca mabranca@ursinus.edu For centuries there have been thousands of reported sightings of a giant man-like creature roaming through the forests of North America. People across the continent know this creature by many names, but most commonly as Bigfoot. The alleged creature has eluded scientists and researchers for decades. Bigfoot advocates claim the creature’s existence […]

Consumers should know what they’re buying

Steve Valverde stvalverde@ursinus.edu Nowadays, most people look for the healthiest options when they are grocery shopping. Consumers look for grass-fed, non-homogenized organic milks, USDA-certified organic eggs, and no artificial flavorings in ice cream. These products are labeled, but most GMO products are not. Much of the processed food that most Americans consume daily contains GMO […]

Female athletes: not just sexy

Kristen Costello krcostello@ursinus.edu Over the last 50 years women athletes have come a long way. In fact, in the past women who played sports in schools were given little or no equipment and often were not even allowed to play games; they had to have “play days” instead, according to Samantha Campo, the Ursinus head […]

NFL domestic violence scandal was poorly handled on all fronts

Bryce Pinkerton brpinkerton@ursinus.edu Earlier this year, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice spat on his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, knocked her out after two punches, and dragged her unconscious body out of an Atlantic City casino elevator. Since then, Palmer has married the man who physically assaulted her and defended him in the media. Rice […]

Arguments against UC’s wet campus is a slippery one

Ayesha Contractor aycontractor@ursinus.edu Anyone who passed by the Ursinus College campus this past Friday or Saturday night would have undoubtedly been able to hear the sound of music blasting out of Reimert Hall. The first weekend at Ursinus College has kicked off the partying for the school year. It is no big secret that Ursinus […]

Is Yik Yak all that?

Jaime Bocanumenth jabocanumenth@ursinus.edu Yik Yak has quickly become one of the most popular social media channels among teens and young adults. As of the last few months this app, available on iPhone or Android, has flourished within high school hallways and college campuses. The founder and CEO of Yik Yak said the app was originally […]


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