Record gifts should soften tuition increase

Jordan Breslow jobreslow@ursinus.edu In a Feb. 27 article in “The Philadelphia Inquirer” titled “Area college tuitions to rise again,” it was revealed that Ursinus College is instituting a tuition increase. “Ursinus College mailed letters to parents this week, announcing a 3.5 percent increase in tuition and in room and board: tuition will be $45,890; room […]

Feminism suffers from misconceptions

Olivia Schultz olschultz@ursinus.edu I have often heard people say that they are all for equal rights for women, but do not wish to be called a feminist. All feminists are not obnoxious, male-hating, lesbian, protesting, Birkenstock-wearing, bra-burning, peace-loving liberals, though there are feminists like this. There are also feminists who wear dresses with ruffles and […]

Feminism’s shortcomings alienate potential allies

Caitlin Tillson catillson@ursinus.edu I do not hate feminism. I have some qualms, however, with what I see in feminist culture today. When people draw lines regarding who can contribute to what, who is more oppressed or who is more privileged, it ends up feeling more like a competition than a unified movement. Because of this, […]

Hey, white guys: Your say is the say

Chloe Kekovic chkekovic@ursinus.edu If you are an Ursinus student reading this article, there is a fairly strong chance that you are more privileged than I am. The word “privilege” has several different meanings, but in the context of this essay, privilege will be explicitly associated with being a straight, white, affluent male. These qualities grant […]

Media criticism harms American troops

Shawn Hartigan shhartigan@ursinus.edu The United States liberal media have given Americans the opportunity to exercise our right to freedom of speech. To voice our opinion is one of the many freedoms that we enjoy and it is what helps make us great as a country. It is what allows me to express my opinion to […]

Oscars 2014 honors entertainers, entertains audience

Amanda Frekot amfrekot@ursinus.edu With such iconic moments as John Travolta pronouncing Idina Menzel’s name incorrectly and a record-breaking celebrity selfie posted on Twitter, the 86th annual Academy Awards proved to be an entertaining event as Hollywood’s most talented entertainers were honored. Last Sunday, Ellen DeGeneres hosted the Oscars for the second time. She last graced […]

Great progress, but we’re not there yet!

W. Robert Crigler wrcrigler@verizon.net Hello, I’m Bob Crigler, Ursinus class of 1956. I am honored to have been asked to write an op-ed article for the Grizzly in this Black History Month because I am the first black Ursinus graduate. And yes, I have received the honor of my life by having the former Bridge […]

Straight, wealthy white guys deserve a say too

Jarrett Field jafield@ursinus.edu Everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic class, should have an equal voice and an equal opportunity to be heard by their peers. No one party should have any more say on any given topic than another. Who gives the arguments is completely irrelevant. Now, I have a confession […]

Supply chain is our biggest food risk

Jordan Breslow jobreslow@ursinus.edu The Montgomery County Health Department’s evaluation of Upper and Lower Wismer on Dec. 3 and its findings pose little or no direct threat to the health of students. While I have little formal food science training, I come from a long line of purveyors of meat and provisions and I understand the […]

Michael Sam shouldn’t need a press conference

Austin Fox aufox@ursinus.edu If you were to do any sort of research on the situation involving Michael Sam, you would likely find what seems to be universal support from his community at Missouri, the National Football League and the nation at large. Granted, there is going to be the Westboro Baptist Church protest or some […]


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