Students happily embrace changes to Wismer

Leighnah Perkins leperkins@ursinus.edu There’s nothing quite like a new school year. Getting the chance to see all your friends after a summer apart, starting new classes, and moving into a new dorm are just some of the best parts of the fall semester. But for Ursinus, this year in particular came with some welcome changes, […]

Ostrum to Marcon: Let’s Work Towards Making UC More Inclusive

Jordan Ostrum joostrum@ursinus.edu This summer, I learned of the change in the chair of the board of trustees for Ursinus College. I knew Alan Novak was stepping down, but I was shocked that so little was being made of such a big transition of power. Turning to Twitter, I tried to learn more about the […]

Film review: Batman v Superman rates 3/10

Chase Babrich bebabrich@ursinus.edu A full year and a half ago, the original trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released, starting a hype train in motion so large that most people probably went to see this movie just because they felt like they should. Granted, that probably was the best move the DC […]

Laws addressing pornography must adapt

Phoebe French phfrench@ursinus.edu With today’s technology, sexting has become more and more popular. Sexting is when someone sends sexually explicit photographs or messages, usually by text message with a cell phone. Obviously, this is a somewhat new phenomenon. Consequently, U.S. laws are not keeping up with the times. First, there is the issue of consensual […]

Minority religions deserve accommodations

Erin McKinney ermckinney@ursinus.edu In light of the recent celebration of Easter and upcoming holiday of Passover, I was curious how exactly Ursinus celebrates the different religious holidays for its students. Because Ursinus historically has a Christian background, I wondered if Ursinus pays equal attention to all religious holidays during the school year. A quick search […]

Choose two: sleep, study, socialize

Leighnah Perkins leperkins@ursinus.edu If you’ve been through at least one semester of college, it’s happened to you: The day is just not long enough to finish all of the assignments that suddenly appeared in your planner for the week. You’re looking down the face of, at best, a really late night and, at worst, consecutive […]

Students must recognize sexual assault on campus

Leighnah Perkins leperkins@ursinus.edu The Wednesday before spring break was a busy time. Mid-terms, last-minute assignments, and packing for a sweet week home were on many people’s minds. The end was near! But for a group of individuals working on a combined Bonner project and Ricochet piece, it was anything but a normal Wednesday. A brave […]

Tuition increase goes unexplained

Phoebe French phfrench@ursinus.edu I have loved my almost four years at Ursinus. However, one thing that has always bothered me, as I’m sure it bothers almost every other student on campus, is everything surrounding tuition and the total cost of attending this school. As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, our tuition is rising […]

Advocacy on issues you care about

Abi Wood Abwood1@ursinus.edu As a busy Ursinus student it’s easy to feel disconnected from the work the student government does, but somebody has to put the time and energy into doing this work. For the last two years that has been me. I put in an average of 12 hours a week in the Student […]

“This election is about you”

Rob Rein Rorein@ursinus.edu What does the Ursinus Student Government actually do? This question has been asked countless times to me during this year as both John Thomas and I campaign across campus. It’s a good question, but the one that really needs to be answered for students is: “What can the Ursinus Student Government do […]