UC second-ever musical wows audience

Jordan Ostrum joostrum@ursinus.edu “Joy never comes for free,” but last week the Ursinus College Theater Department brought me 95 minutes worth of joy for only $2. I’d say that’s a fine deal. At “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” directed by Meghan Brodie, a visiting assistant professor of theater, I was treated to songs […]

New barbie figures are antiprogressive

Erin McKinney ermckinney@ursinus.edu Barbie dolls have been the focus of many feminist diatribes against ideal body types and misrepresentation of the female self. This child’s toy has been said to be an unrealistic expectation for young girls, and encourages eating disorders and other unhealthy lifestyles. Galia Slayen, in an article for Huffington Post, scaled the […]

Advice on studying abroad: how to prepare for the good, the bad, and the ugly

Briana Keane brkeane@ursinus.edu It’s the night before you’re leaving to go abroad. Feelings of anxiety and excitement dance around in your mind. Am I making the right choice? What if I don’t make friends?  Don’t doubt yourself for a second because you are making one of the most independent decisions of your life and, most […]

Admin response to illness strikes controversy

Erin McKinny ermckinny@ursinus.edu Unless you’ve been living under a very sanitary rock, you will no doubt have noticed the “plague” circulating campus and causing students to drop like flies and local stores to run out of Gatorade and saltines. The first thought that crossed my mind was that it was only a matter of time […]

Wismer wasted by health code violations

Madelyn Franklin mafranklin@ursinus.edu Wismer has been Ursinus’ longtime vice, so it was no surprise when students were quick to blame the dining hall’s subpar food for the unknown sickness that plagued the school beginning last Tuesday night. Though it remains unclear as to whether the norovirus that spread across campus originated from Wismer or not, […]

Is it appropriate to culturally appropriate?

es@ursinus.edu Most people know or have encountered cultural appropriation, either as a member of a targeted culture or from being called out as a perpetrator. Here’s a working definition of cultural appropiation pared down from everything I’ve read: Cultural appropriation is when an aspect of a minority or underrepresented culture is adopted by someone from […]

End the 21-meal plan

Emma Jolly emjolly@ursinus.edu A required plan of 21 meals a week sounds like it would be perfect for freshman college students, if it weren’t for the fact that students are losing money because of it. While ideally students should be able to make it to Wismer dining hall for three meals a day, with the […]

The elephants aren’t in the room: Poll probes pupils on pressing politics

Andrew Tran Antran@ursinus.edu The political fervor emanating from media outlets can be felt from the national level to the local as the upcoming presidential elections take the nation’s, and indeed the world’s, attention. With the first major nominating event, the Iowa caucus, occured Monday, February 1, and the first presidential primary vote happening in New […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review (SPOILERS)

Chase Babrich Bebabrich@ursinus.edu “Luke Skywalker has vanished,” reads the opening line of the title crawl from the new Star Wars film “The Force Awakens.” Of all the complaints people have about “The Force Awakens” (TFA), the one I’ve heard and read most is something along the lines of “it does nothing new” or “it copies […]

Letter from alumnus:Guns

Sean Campbell sean.campbell@gmail.com Twenty years ago I wrote an opinion piece for The Grizzly that asked: “Are guns necessary?” You may ask, “Who does this alum, who I have never heard of nor will ever meet, think he is to write us twenty years later about a topic that can be so polarizing?” I am […]


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