Students’ campus jobs

Rayleen Rivera-Harbach rariveraharbach@ursinus.edu Many students come to Ursinus after the summer and wonder what kinds of jobs are available to them on campus. Campus jobs are ideal for Ursinus students because they are close and accommodating to the hectic schedules that many Ursinus students have. Emily Cooper, a senior as well as the human resource […]


Top stories around the globe

Evan Hill evhill@ursinus.edu Hong Kong Protestors to Enter Talks with Government Hong Kong  student activist organizations Scholarism and the Hong Kong Federation of Students, which have been protesting in Hong Kong’s financial district for over a week have announced they will soon enter talks with the political committee that runs the island enclave, according to […]


Islamic State In Syria conflict heats up

Charles Brodsky chbrodsky@ursinus.edu With U.S. military officials awaiting President Obama’s word to initiate airstrikes against ISIS, the President’s military strategy is more important than ever. In the near future the American public and our allies around the world will see whether the decision to only utilize a limited, non-combat ground force and coordinated airstrikes instead […]


Snell Cup allows team to interact with past players

Jon Vander Lugt jovanderlugt@ursinus.edu Thirty-four years is a long time. Back in 1981, Ronald Reagan had freshly found his home in the Oval Office, the Atari 2600 was the video game system of choice, and Raiders of the Lost Ark topped the box office. 1981 also marked the first battle for the Snell Cup, named […]


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