Photo courtesy of Alexis Primavera
On Saturday Sept. 21, a memorial service was held in honor of the late Dr. Bobby Fong. While the main service was held in Bomberger Auditorium, video feeds were streamed to Olin Auditorium and Lower Wismer due to the large attendance.

Memorial Honors Fong

An on campus memorial was held for President Fong after his recent passing

UC's women's soccer team lines up during the National Anthem on Sept. 10. The Bears put up a hard fight, but ultimately lost to Rowan, 2-1.

Fresh start Women’s soccer looking to rebound from disappointing 2013 season

The women’s soccer team is preparing to fight back after a tough season last year

Photo courtesy of Andrew Tran
The Collegeville Farmers Market is open every Saturday between May and November. Over a dozen vendors attend each week, providing the community with local produce and specialty foods.

Cooking at Ursinus College made easy

Local farmer’s market opens up and gives students ideas for simple recipes to make in your dorm room

Photo courtesy of Alexis Primavera
The Ursinus College organic farm is only a short walk away from campus, located on 9th avenue.

Organic Farm expands

The organic farm on campus is expanding in new ways this year


Adjusting to another country

Jordan Dunnigan This semester I am embarking on the biggest adventure of my life: studying abroad in London. Deciding to do this was a challenge for me. I was born and raised in the suburban town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and then went to Ursinus College, which placed me in yet another suburban area. I […]


Raphael speaks on campus

Olivia Schultz Intro to Judaism meets twice a week in a small classroom on the second floor of Olin. On Sept. 16, a guest speaker joined the class. The speaker, Marc Lee Raphael, is the author of one of the required books for the course. On behalf of the religious studies department at Ursinus, […]


Bigfoot in american pop culture: fact or fiction?

Mark Branca For centuries there have been thousands of reported sightings of a giant man-like creature roaming through the forests of North America. People across the continent know this creature by many names, but most commonly as Bigfoot. The alleged creature has eluded scientists and researchers for decades. Bigfoot advocates claim the creature’s existence […]


Dual-sport athlete shines

Drae Lewis All our lives we’ve been told go to high school to get good grades. Go to college to get good grades. Graduate, apply for a job, and start your life. Let that be the experience for the average student in today’s educational system. Prior to arriving on campus, one should expect to […]


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