Gender inequalities in tech and science

Emily Jolly emjolly@ursinus.edu This semester the Women in Tech and Science (WiTS) have joined the wide array of clubs at Ursinus.  Spearheaded by sophomore math and computer science major Serena Schaefer, the club will work to empower women and other minorities in the fields of technology and science, within both the Ursinus community and in […]


CSCG hosts panel on inequality in public health

Sophie Worthington-Kirsch soworthingtonkirsch@ursinus.edu On Sept. 12 Ursinus’s Center for Science and the Common Good hosted three prominent public health researchers who addressed inequalities in health care and access to it in the United States. The discussion was the first of a three-event series on the issue. Dr. Said Ibrahim is the co-director of a program […]


A new era: food trucks become Ursinus tradition

Jonny Myers jomyers@ursinsu.edu On a normal weekday night, I’m usually in my room, pushing through homework or catching up on long-lost sleep. On the weekends, however, I’m awake into the hours of the morning, scavenging the campus for food. Last year, I was devastated to learn that Marzella’s and the C-store closed at 11 p.m., […]


Brother Bears on the field

Nick Brough nibrough@ursinus.edu Football is a team sport, like many other sports, in which players associate their teammates with “family.” Players call their teammates their “brothers” for good reason. However, when a teammate actually is your brother, things get a little different. Many athletes like the family atmosphere group sports offers, and some, including Ursinus […]