Comments from Grizzly Alumni

Marie Sykes Jack Hauler ‘80, First Editor for The Grizzly, Biology Major “I was the first editor of The Grizzly. Prior to that, the student newspaper was […]

How Important are our Archives?

Jenna Smith & Ava Compagnoni Have you ever visited the Myrin basement to explore Ursinus history? Did you know there is endless information at […]


Long-Running Professors

Erin Corcoran & Kate Horan To celebrate the 1,000th Issue of the Grizzly, we are featuring some of the professors who have been […]

Meet Dora Zeibekis ‘24

Amelia Kunko Junior Dora Zeibekis not only has a jampacked schedule full of schoolwork and activities, but has also turned her academic experience into […]


Silly But Necessary: The Ranking of Stalls in the Myrin Women’s Bathroom

An anonymous Senior I have always been a second floor dweller in Myrin Library. Itis arguably the best floor in the library, but that is not […]

Senior Beer at the Senior Bar

Isabel Wesman Senior year senior beer! Or not, depending on where you were standing at Molly Maguire’s in Phoenixville this past Halloween. A new […]


The Mascot Evolution

Isabella Villegas We all know him, we all love him: Zachie the Bear. Zachie is Ursinus’ mascot who can be spotted around campus, interacting […]

From the Bench to Breaking Records

Izzy Dalesandro There’s 35 seconds left in the Ursinus-McDaniel game and the Bears are up 1-0. A McDaniel player hits a long free kick. […]