A Not-So-Common Intellectual Experience

Claude Wolfer clwolfer@comurphy2ursinus-edu In a letter addressed to the Ursinus Class of 2024, the Common Intellectual Experience (CIE) co-coordinators introduced new students to their first […]

Ursinus celebrates the Commons Opening

Samantha Beckman All last year, students watched with rapt anticipation as the new Ursinus College Commons was built from the ground up. The $7 […]


The Fringe Festival 2020 goes virtual

Shelsea Deravil Every year, Ursinus College hosts a Fringe Festival on campus showcasing the work of talented student artists. These pieces have traditionally included […]

Strengthening your optimism muscle

Layla Halterman The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way we live, including many college students’ experiences. Many things that students love participating in — […]


The Case for Pronouns

Liam Reilly A personal pronoun is a word that replaces an individual’s name in a sentence. It also reflects an individual’s identity. Those who […]

All Students Should Have the Same CIE Experience

Liam Reilly The Common Intellectual Experience, or CIE, is a required class for all freshmen. The course revolves around four central questions and utilizes […]


The New “Normal” for Ursinus College Athletics

Kevin Melton Sean McGinley To say athletics are an important part of Ursinus culture would be an understatement. With over a third of […]

Pokémon Go Makes a Comeback

Kevin Melton The age of COVID-19, social distancing, and mask-wearing, in which we find ourselves today, feels peculiar to say the least. Ever since […]