Single Room Scarcity

Brooke Hurley ( How should we live together? Or how should we NOT live together? Sharing a room with another individual, whether someone you choose […]

Redrawing Democracy, and Gerrymandering

Evan Stinson ( Gerrymandering is one of those non-self-explanatory words that sounds more like a place than something anyone would do. It’s also a concept […]


The Society of Physics Students Revival

Marie Sykes ( Whether they’re hosting star parties, launching items from a trebuchet, or hosting study sessions in Pfahler, the Society of Physics Students (SPS) […]

Meet the new English Department Chair

Jenna Smith ( Kara McShane has been a professor at Ursinus since 2014, but this year she was promoted to English department chair. Best known […]


The Rise of Media Distrust

Sean McGinley ( Media distrust is at an all time high in the United States and you don’t have to do too much sleuthing to […]

Campus Guidelines: A Commuter Review

Dominic Nattle ( It is evident everyone at Ursinus is happy to be back in full swing. Online classes brought their challenges and students are […]


Wellness Tips for Covid Fatigue

Claire Hynes ( Feeling unable to get a handle on your stress recently? Find yourself struggling with a “normal” workload that now seems too much? […]

Women’s Tennis Succeeds at ITAs

Ava Compagnoni (  The Lady Bears of Ursinus’ Women’s Tennis Team made the trip down to Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, Virginia, September 24-26, for […]