Ursinus’ UCEA goes green

The student environmental action club plans a week of activities to celebrate Earth Day By Rachel Dickinson Friday, April 22, is Earth Day, and the UCEA is celebrating it by having “Earth Week,” a week- long celebration of Earth Day with a different activity planed every day. The events will start on Sunday, April 24, […]


Film review: Batman v Superman rates 3/10

Chase Babrich bebabrich@ursinus.edu A full year and a half ago, the original trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released, starting a hype train in motion so large that most people probably went to see this movie just because they felt like they should. Granted, that probably was the best move the DC […]


Playing big

When driving to cage isn’t enough Mary Deliberti madeliberti@ursinus.edu   I am 22 years old and carry around a Connecticut state-issued identification card that has my picture, information, and in large, patronizing red capital letters, “NOT A LICENSE TO DRIVE.”   If it seems excessive, it is. I remember on Sundays begging my dad to […]


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