End of The Year Reflections

Gillian McComesky. As this semester comes to an end, there are many things to reflect on, such as COVID-19, the transition to online learning, […]

Dealing With Remote Finals

Gillian Mccomeskey, With finals soon approaching, students are preparing to take exams online. Even though finals this year look a little different, their importance […]


The Inside Edition of A Fulfilling Career

Layla Halterman, Writing and storytelling were always a passion for Les Trent. But he never knew it would eventually land him a national, televised […]

Binge Watching; Beneficial or Harmful?

Ava Compagnoni, You sit yourself down in front of your television after a long, stressful week in your semester, your weekend is completely free, […]


Action on Climate Change

Jenna Menapace, Climate Change is real, it is happening fast, and we need to do something about it. We all know these facts, and […]

The End of Supernatural: Review and Retrospective

Anastasia Dziekan, It’s time to admit it– Supernatural is a show fundamentally at odds with its own fans. The final episode aired on November […]


Men’s Basketball Adjusts

Ava Compagnoni, “With the health and safety of its student-athletes, campus communities and the general public of paramount importance, the Centennial Conference Presidents Council […]

Women’s Basketball; A Well Played Season

Ava Compagnoni, Coming off a disappointing season, the Women’s Basketball Team was ready to get back out on the court and perform to their […]