Rush Week 2023

A common Ursinus student experience is getting an influx of emails from our school. These emails cover information about on-campus events, club meetings, and Ursinus […]

Fall Student Engagement Events

Late night breakfast, vision board making, and trivia with exciting prizes… all without leaving campus?


Prints and Imprints Left Behind – At the Berman

Every semester the Berman Museum of Art opens with two new exhibits across the main floor as well as upstairs, and this semester they feature […]

More Institute for Inclusion and Equity Events this Semester

One look at any student’s email is enough to know that Ursinus holds a myriad of events, with an abundance of events that are sponsored […]


Student Responses to Changes to Good Samaritan Law

The Ursinus Student Handbook provides every student with an outline of the rules and regulations that they must follow while they attend the school. Most […]

Upper Wismer’s Wonderful Eats

In our Ursinus College community, the Wismer Center is always a big topic of discussion. Is it good? Is it bad? I love Upper Wismer […]


Have You Ever Played Rugby?

There are many great clubs here at Ursinus, but one that deserves to be highlighted by The Grizzly is Men’s Rugby. This club promotes teamwork […]

Bears Football Comes Out of Hibernation With a Head of Steam

Following a successful 2022 season for Ursinus Football that featured a starting lineup composed of mostly seniors, the biggest question for the Bears this offseason […]