Photo Courtesy of Dan Selechnik
Members of Tri Sigma and Sigma Pi started off the campaign on Sunday afternoon by writing “not on my campus” on their hands.

Mayday concert returning

Mayday, the annual outdoor concert that debuted last year, will be held on May 2, the same day as the OSOS Bowl, this year.

Photo courtesy of Jenny Phillips
Members of the 2014 UC women’s rugby team is seen above during their prom dress game last May.

UCWR sticks it to gender norms

There was a time when allowing women to play any sports—let alone rugby—on an organized basis would have been unheard of.

Photo courtesy of Alexis Primavera
Kevin, left, has played a supporting role for the men’s team this year. He has no starts, but has played in all 12 of the Bears’ games. Amy has played a key role on her team, and is currently second on the squad with 19 goals, despite missing four games.

Sibling stickhandlers stayed together

Starting from a young age, the brother-sister duo, Amy and Kevin Kohout, has been intrigued by lacrosse.

Photo Courtesy of Dan Selechnik
Some members of Tri Sigma wrote “not on my campus” on their hands to launch the “Not on my campus” campaign, a campaign raising awareness of sexual misconduct.

“Not on my campus” campaign launched

Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri Sigma) and Sigma Pi have teamed up with the Peer Advocates to raise awareness about sexual harassment and assault on campus.


Holocaust survivor to share her story to campus

Caitlin Tillson Ursinus will be welcoming Holocaust survivor Rita Ross to speak on campus. Ross will come to campus on April 22, where she will speak in Olin 107 at 5:00 p.m. Although this visit is not officially part of a series of talks, Dr. Alexandria Frisch, professor of Jewish studies, has been organizing […]


Student Art Show Opening Thursday

Deana Harley The Berman Museum of Art will be hosting the Annual Student Art Exhibition on Thursday, April 23, the same day as CoSA. The event is from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is free to students and the public. The exhibition will showcase different art from 15 students. On the flyer sent […]


What makes Crigler worthwhile?

Summer program for underrepresented groups helps students transition Nikki Djambinov I have heard people incorrectly call the program “for black people,” but it is open to many races. Race was not an issue between the participants of a program. We saw each other as fellow human beings, not defined by our ethnicity. It greatly […]


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