A new face on campus

Joy Jones A little while ago, in addition to the flood of emails students usually get on returning to campus for clubs, campus events, classes, and deadlines, they all received an email from Shammah Bermudez. In the email Bermudez said he hoped students had a good winter break and introduced himself as the new interim […]


Business offer student discounts

Jay Farrell jafarrell@ursinus.edu Looking for ways to save some cash for the spring semester? Currently there is a plethora of student discounts being offered in the Collegeville area for Ursinus students. Everything from great food to getting your hair cut! Here are some great deals being offered by local businesses.   Marzellas on Main Street […]


The elephants aren’t in the room: Poll probes pupils on pressing politics

Andrew Tran Antran@ursinus.edu The political fervor emanating from media outlets can be felt from the national level to the local as the upcoming presidential elections take the nation’s, and indeed the world’s, attention. With the first major nominating event, the Iowa caucus, occured Monday, February 1, and the first presidential primary vote happening in New […]


From the UK to the US

Cory Rogers corogers@ursinus.edu   Paul Cottam patiently waits for his shot. With his elbows resting on his knees and hands folded, he sits on the edge of his seat in the Floy Lewis Bakes Center. After each basket for the home team he quickly rises and applauds. He can be seen from anywhere as his […]


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