A BEAR-y High Tech Campus

Jenna Smith (jesmith2@ursinus.edu)

With many safety concerns among students, Ursinus has created a plan to improve security measures and protect campus. A new security camera expansion consists of adding twelve new cameras across campus and replacing outdated systems, so it includes fifteen cameras in total. Installation work began last December around the Main Street properties and was expected to be completed by the end of January. As of February 1, all but one camera had been installed and was working properly. 

Gabrielle Wright, Director of Campus Safety, stated, “That one camera had to be returned as it was defective and we are waiting on the replacement.” Due to supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic, the school does not have an expected date for the new camera’s arrival and installation. 

These changes have been long awaited by the student body, and have been in the works for several years. Ursinus did this to, “maximize security coverage and become even more proactive in promoting the safety and well-being of our students.” said Wright.

While this particular camera update focuses predominantly around the houses and walkways of Main Street, the school plans to continue updating the camera systems around other parts of campus to increase students’ safety. According to the Ursinus Communications Department’s press release, particular areas of focus where the college plans to increase coverage are the parking lots, academic buildings, and campus landmarks. Wright states that Campus Safety is hoping to begin the second phase of camera installation in the summer when the new fiscal year begins. They are still in the discussion phase about where they are going to implement new systems next semester; this journey will be continuing over the next two years.

Campus Safety reiterates the importance of prioritizing your protection and well-being. Continue to report suspicious activity if witnessed. With the installation and upgrades to the safety system, school officials will have better resources in investigating incident reports, and be able to keep the campus more secure. As a result of the new and improved security system, the college will be releasing an updated policy list consisting of the steps they have been taking to mitigate danger. 

This upgrade stems directly from conversations faculty and staff have had with students about their disquietude regarding campus safety measures. Proof that all of our voices matter! “It is a combination of several years of discussion with members of the Ursinus community on how we can improve campus-wide security coverage and the need to increase technological infrastructure to promote safety across campus,” Wright concluded. We will continue to update on the new improvements across campus to update the student body on their concerns in regards to safety.