A Powerful Yet Stylish Weapon

Layla Halterman, lahalterman@ursinus.edu

Face masks have proven to reduce transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19). According to a case study from The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), two hairstylists from Missouri came in close contact with 140 clients when sick. Both stylists and clients complied with the mask mandate and all the clients still tested negative. Effectiveness can vary depending on type of mask, but face coverings are helpful. Students at Ursinus College have been finding ways to keep their mask-wearing stylish while following the school’s health protocols. “My favorite face mask of mine is a black cotton mask that covers my nose and mouth and goes around my ears,” Zoe Kondravy, a second-year student, stated. As a dedicated neuroscience major, Kondravy finds it crucial “to wear a face mask because my future work is in the health field and I would like to protect myself and others from the virus.” Kondravy further describes her mask and how comfortable it is. “I like it because it is black, so it is fashionable and goes with everything. Also, I find it breathable and it stays in position.” Hence, the stylish mask has an additional bonus to matching with most of Kondravy’s outfits: being a money-saver, since she doesn’t have to purchase a whole bunch more. Her mask is pictured below. Sarah Haughton ‘23, a history and education major, explains her love for the Ursinus masks that the college supplied students with on move-in day. She believes they are a hot item this fall because of its, “simple, minimalist look.” Haughton also loves “how lightweight the mask is. It is very comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I hardly notice it when painting in the art studio.” While the mask is to her liking, Haughton is aware that her fellow students wear them too. “I know a majority of students wear them! I always see a handful of students wearing an Ursinus mask when I walk around campus,” she said. This demonstrates the popularity and comfort that the masks bring to students’ everyday lives, as well as highlighting the institution’s name. With many students wearing the Ursinus masks, though, it is best to make sure that people keep theirs safe and secure to limit the risk of accidentally taking their wrong mask. Finding a mask that fits properly, comfortably, and stylishly all at once will encourage a person to wear one. If we continue to comply with the face covering mandate, we can all play a part in ending the pandemic on campus and off.