Calling for nominations for faculty awards

Photograph Courtesy of Rob Varney

Kim Corona

Ursinus College is calling for its students to nominate faculty members for two prestigious awards that highlight their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the community, to be announced during this year’s Commencement.

One of the two awards that will be presented is the Jones Award, given to a faculty member who has worked in an advising capacity, particularly major/minor advising. It is also intended to honor someone who has presented themselves as a mentor, offering guidance, support, and advice in the Ursinus community.

Mentorship can be delivered in a variety of ways such as but not limited to laboratory or field research, Summer Fellows research, internships/externships, and more.

The second award is the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award (last year called the Laughlin award). This award recognizes a full-time faculty member for their mastery and quality as an educator.

Last year, the school presented Associate Professor of English, Rebecca Jaroff, with the Jones Award, and Associate Professor of Business and Economics Cindy Harris, with the Laughlin Teaching Award.

Jaroff reflected on being awarded for her teaching excellence. She mentioned how much of it has to do with how she presents herself to her students, highlighting how comfortable they are talking to her about anything.

“They respect my experience as a professor, but also as a person, and know that I will listen without judging. Most of the time, just being able to listen is the most important part of advising,” she said.

She continued, “I try not to let my ideas or opinions influence the student and I try to meet them where they are, rather than pushing them in a particular direction. Being available is the key. Students do not want to feel like they are intruding, so keeping an open door and a warm welcome ready is k e y.”

Jaroff explained how much the award meant to her beyond just the title. “The award means so much more to faculty when they know it comes from students. We know that it is sincere and that students care enough to take the time to write about us,” she said.

Students are encouraged to nominate faculty members who best reflect these descriptions by using the link sent by the Dean’s Office, titled Faculty Commencement Award Nominations.

A committee comprised of previous winners will review the nominations and recommend a list to be sent to the President, who under terms established for the award, will make the selection.

Individual nominations must be submitted by Friday, March 20, 2020.