Celebration of Lights

Photos by Zachary Hassett ‘

Article by Erin Corcoran <ecorcoran@ursinus.edu>

On November 9th, the campus community joined together in Bomberger Auditorium for the annual Celebration of Lights. This yearly tradition sponsored by STAT is a way for students to share and celebrate their culture’s holiday customs. This year’s event started with a rousing performance from the Seismic Step Team, the Fullbright Fellows shared the holiday traditions from their home countries, Marcie Thanh-Guyet shared a poem, Universal Sounds sang a song of praise, members of the Muslim Student Association read a passage from the Quran, the Hillel executive board discussed the basics of Haunakkah, and the Spiritual Life Leaders performed a routine. The night culminated with each person in attendance lighting another attendee’s candle, while Reverend Betty Wright-Riggins and Brandon Winfield led the group in singing “This Little Light of Mine.”