Dunkin vs. Starbucks

Kathy Logan (kalogan@ursinus.edu)

It is no secret to most scholars at Ursinus that caffeine is essential for getting through the long days of classes, lectures, and labs. Also, caffeine is needed for waking up or staying up until the early hours of the morning to complete an assignment. The necessary-evil (aka caffeine) most commonly comes in the form of coffee which students are able to purchase at either the Starbucks located in the Commons on the Ursinus Campus or the nearest Dunkin Donuts. Since Dunkin and Starbucks are two of the most well known coffee chains in the United States, most residents make a choice of which drive thru to swing through to get their daily fix. Therefore, The Grizzly decided to ask: Do Ursinus students prefer Dunkin or Starbucks? 

As seen on the pie chart below, a total of 70 students were asked their preference with 50 ruling in favor of Starbucks and the other 20 voting for Dunkin. Among the 50 that voted for Starbucks, Zoe Moosburger ‘24, elaborated on her choice. “Starbucks has a variety of drinks I like. Sometimes I’m not always in the mood for coffee so instead I can get something fun like a strawberry acai. I also really like their bagels more than Dunkin and it’s more convenient to go to the Starbucks on campus than waste gas for the Dunkin nearby.”

 Lots of students do enjoy the on-campus coffee convenience which makes it easier for students to get the energy boost they need. Of the 20 that voted in favor of Dunkin, Jessica Schnur ‘24, stated that “Dunkin was closer to my home so it was easier getting there. Dunkin has far better food in my opinion, especially with their donuts. Not to mention, Starbucks is way too pricey for me.”