Editor Introductions

Photo by Doron Taussig

Georgia Gardner – Photo Editor ’25

Hi, I’m Georgia and I am excited to bring a new vibe to the Grizzly with awesome photos! Outside of The Grizzly, I am a Ucrew peer educator and love helping others! I am an avid hiker and videographer! The Grizzly’s photos help catch the attention of students and staff to read the amazing articles that our staff and editors produce and that’s why I love photography! Seeing a snapshot of what is going on around our campus helps readers be more engaged! I hope I do well as the photo editor and allow the Grizzly to thrive! 

Sean McGinley – Opinions Editor ‘24

Hi, I’m Sean McGinley and I’m the Opinions Editor for The Grizzly this school year. Outside of The Grizzly, I am involved with the Admissions Office, Melrose Fellows, and Pre-Law Society. I enjoy being a part of The Grizzly because I think it’s really important that students be provided with a resource to engage with their community and stay informed about their school. 

Hannah Conley – Website Editor ‘23

Hello. I am a senior Physics major in my last semester here at Ursinus and happy to be a part of The Grizzly. Outside of The Grizzly, I am also a Physics Lab TA and a member of the Society of Physics Students. In my spare time, I often carve artisan wooden spoons out of wood scraps or firewood. I also enjoy other forms of amateur woodworking, whittling, and art in general. One of my proudest accomplishments in my time here at Ursinus is winning the cover prize of the Lantern 2023 issue. 

Renie Christensen – Social Media Editor ‘24

Hey! I’m Renie Christensen and I’m the Social Media Editor for The Grizzly. I am an English major with a minor in Biology. Outside of The Grizzly, I’m a student advisor, an academic coach, a member of Tri Sigma sorority, and involved in STAT. I am ecstatic to be a part of our team of editors this year!

Erin Corcoran – News Editor ‘24

Hi, I’m Erin Corcoran and this semester’s News Editor. I’ve been writing for the grizzly since my sophomore year and I am very excited to continue writing through my final semester, along with being more involved with the paper. Outside of The Grizzly, I am a DJ and webmaster for WVOU and a student worker at the Berman. Being a part of The Grizzly, especially the News section, I want to bring important issues and student’s perspectives to the forefront of discussions on campus. 

Dominic Minicozzi – Sports Editor ‘24

Howdy! I’m Dominic Minicozzi and I’m the sports editor for The Grizzly. You may recognize me as the guy on campus with the really cool mustache, but that’s not the only interesting thing about me. I work as a broadcast announcer for our Athletic Communications department calling games for our Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse Teams. I’m also in the Ursinus College Choir and Scholars in Service. If you have any interesting stories about Sports on Ursinus’ campus, feel free to reach out. Have a great day and GO BEARS!!!

Mairead McDermott- Layout Editor ‘24

Hi! I’m Mairead, rhymes with parade! I am the layout editor for The Grizzly, so I make all the fun details and the overall look of the newspaper. I am a double major in Art History and Anthropology with minors in Museum Studies and Chinese Language. I work at The Berman Museum of Art where I am leading a digital archival project of the Francoise Gilot collection. 

If you have any opinions on the layout or fun designs you want to see, let me know! 

Kate Horan – Features Editor ‘25

Meet the new Features Editor! My name is Kate Horan, and I am a junior here at Ursinus. I am an English major with a minor in Media and Communications Studies. Outside of class, I am a Writing Fellow at the Center for Writing and Speaking and I am the Marketing Assistant for the English Department. I was the Opinions Editor for The Grizzly last year and I am the Features Editor this year. I love writing and editing, and I am very excited to work on The Grizzly this semester! It is going to be the school newspaper’s best semester yet!