End of The Year Reflections

Myrin Library, where Integrate for Good workshops take place, Courtesy of Ursinus website

Gillian McComesky. gimccomesky@ursinus.edu

As this semester comes to an end, there are many things to reflect on, such as COVID-19, the transition to online learning, and the 2020 presidential election. This year has been an adjustment for us all. Even though we cannot celebrate winter break like we usually do, people are still finding ways to make the break fun.

Senior Harry Callahan says, “I plan on picking up some more hours at my mom’s job and hopefully make a little bit of extra cash. Since my current gym that I go to had to close down due to rising cases, I will have to be creative in how I maintain an active lifestyle while it’s closed.”

Maintaining healthy diets and practicing self-care is important, especially in times when the state of our country is constantly changing. This break is also a good opportunity to plan for next semester — for instance, creating a study place or making routines to keep yourself on track.

The transition to online learning post-Thanksgiving break was difficult for many students, but the break gives us an opportunity to plan for the future. Sophomore Shane McQuaid said, “My plans next semester are to stay home and focus on classes that fulfill core requirements. I also plan to continue working through the semester. I have been managing my mental health the best I can. Life during quarantine has been far more stressful than I had previously imagined. People just don’t seem to be taking it [COVID-19] seriously.”

Even though we cannot predict the future or change the past, we can make strides to make online learning funcional and life during a pandemic manageable.