Featured: Professor Domenick Scudera

Jake Sobiech (jasobiech@ursinus.edu)

Domenick Scudera, a performing arts professor, was recently given an Inclusive Community Fellowship for his work with the LGBTQ+ community at Ursinus. This made him the second faculty member to receive one of these fellowships (the first was Dr. Xochitl Shuru). He is very excited and honored for this opportunity. 

Scudera is taking part in this so that “all of the support and efforts made can be found in one place, that way any member of the community can find the help or support they need. Any student or staff member who is coming into Ursinus can also look at this hub and learn about all the things we are doing, because we are doing a lot.” This is crucial because as of right now, no such portal exists. This network will hopefully add new resources that currently do not exist like a “List of Out And Proud faculty, that way they can serve as role models, or just visible support for the community and the students.” Scudera will also be able to collaborate with GSA and Radiance groups. He hopes these groups will reap the benefits of the hub. “I hope that the site will be done this semester, so that way we can put it out next semester.” 

Scudera’s work does not stop here, however, he hopes to plan events for other areas, including Coming Out Day and Pride Week. By doing so, it makes our campus a more accepting place for our LGBT+ students. Additionally, he works as the faculty member for the on-campus “Queer House,” which is an affinity house that dedicates itself to creating a safe space for queer students. It is “a living environment for students to feel comfortable living as themselves.”

Finally, Scudera wants to welcome and support students in any way he can. His office hours are in the IIE, located in Lower Wismer, every Monday and Wednesday from 1:30-2:30.