Get to know new tech with a DLA Fellow

DLA Fellow Tiffini Eckenrod in Myrin Library, Courtesy of Rob Varney

Maddy Rodak

It can be hard to navigate new technology and digital tools, especially when you don’t quite know where to start. However, the DLA Fellows in Myrin Library are here to help. DLA (Digital Liberal Arts) Fellows consult with faculty and students alike, and even sometimes host workshops to teach people how to use digital tools for courses and projects.

“DLA Fellows can help faculty, staff, and students learn how to use a variety of technology,” Christine Iannicelli, Instructional Technology Librarian at Myrin Library, said. Iannicelli explained that these technologies include audio recording and podcasting software such as Audacity, video recording and editing software such as Shot-cut, and digital storytelling such as Powtoon animated videos, Sway presentations, and Omega exhibits. DLA Fellows also help with online timelines, website creation on WordPress, and infographics and other visualizations such as maps.

“The types of technology DLA Fellows get questions about vary from semester to semester depending on interest and class assignments, but generally podcasting, video production, and digital storytelling are our top three requests,” Iannicelli explained.

Senior DLA Fellow Tiffini Eckenrod has enjoyed learning about the numerous digital tools that students and staff may have questions about. “I have learned about various digital tools and software that I didn’t even know existed,” Eckenrod said. “For example, Apporto allows anybody to use Windows and Windows exclusive software on their computer, even Mac users, by giving people access to a fake desktop of sorts. There is probably a digital tool out there for almost any problem I encounter on my computer, which is amazing.”

Eckenrod enjoys the possibilities that come with teaching someone a new digital tool. “I hope that students [and] staff learn how to use the digital tool that I showed them and that they are [interested] in using this digital tool more in the future,” Eckenrod said. However, Eckenrod has also had various other experiences while being a DLA Fellow that go beyond training faculty and students on technology. “My favorite part about being a DLA Fellow is that I get to have experiences that I would not have been able to otherwise, such as helping out with escape rooms and working with the college’s 3D printers.”

Iannicelli explained that students can make an appointment to meet with a DLA Fellow on the DLA Fellow webpage. “I am also looking to hire new DLA Fellows, so if students are interested, they can apply on Handshake for the DLA Apprentice position,” Iannicelli said. “That position gives them the opportunity to learn this technology on the job and shadow a Fellow so no previous tech experience is required.”