GSA reflects on semester’s exciting events

Claude Wolfer. treasurer of the GSA, Courtesy of GSA Ursinus

Gabriela Pascal

This semester, the Gender Sexuality Alliance has held numerous events and open meetings on campus. The Gender Sexuality Alliance, also known as GSA, is the organization that raises awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and works towards equality and inclusion. They work to include everyone from the Ursinus community regardless of whether they are queer, straight, or questioning.

The organization has had many exciting events and advancements since the beginning of the semester. For example, the former Rainbow Resource Center has been renamed “Radiance.” It is located in the Student Affairs Office in Lower Wismer, to represent its purpose of allowing students to radiate light and live their authentic selves. Another major event run by the GSA was its bi-semester event “Gayla” that took place in October. Many members of the Ursinus community showed out to have a good time in a safe space. Other fun events that allow students to do this occur during the weekly GSA events on Tuesday at 8pm in the IIE. So far there have been events where students could hang out and tie-dye shirts, make friendship bracelets, and decorate pride cupcakes.

In addition to these exciting events, GSA also conducts discussions on important topics such as LGBTQ+ Identities and history, feminism, and Transsexual history. During these discussions, students are allowed to share their personal experiences and ideas on how to make the Ursinus community more inclusive and safer for everyone. An exciting exhibit that was recently brought to the Ursinus community with the help of GSA is “The Long Road to Equality” traveling exhibit ran by the LGBT Center Central PA History Project. The exhibit, which ran from Nov. 4 to Nov. 15 in Myrin Library, highlighted the efforts of LGBTQ+ activists in Pennsylvania throughout history.

Overall, the future of the GSA looks bright according to president Cynnie Ercole who explains how in the future they would “like to see lower classmen join the executive board if they want to be involved so we can keep our traditions lively.” Ercole went on to say that, additionally, “LGBTea Time will recur next semester which will be a discussion/event each month.” Ercole further talked about how another big event that will come up next semester is the Pride event and march, similar to the one that took place last spring semester.

Claude Wolfer, treasurer of the GSA, explains how “[their] favorite event was the pride event last spring, because for the first time [they] truly felt like the whole campus was involved and showed up for the LGBTQ+ community. There were students who weren’t regular GSA meeting attendees who came up to the tables and went to the events; there were faculty and staff who came up, asked questions, and took pins; and the faculty presentations were really meaningful and reassured me that professors are making an effort to support queer students. We have a new executive board this year but we’re definitely going to bring this event back.”

If you would like to hear more about GSA and their upcoming events you could follow their Instagram page @gsa_ursinus or their twitter @GSA_Ursinus. Weekly meetings are at 8 pm in the IIE, located in Lower Wismer.