Have You Ever Played Rugby?

Image Sourced From: https://www.instagram.com/ucmensrugby_/

Article by Quadai Brown <qubrown@ursinus.edu>

There are many great clubs here at Ursinus, but one that deserves to be highlighted by The Grizzly is Men’s Rugby. This club promotes teamwork and brotherhood, while providing an outlet for lovers of tackling sports to enjoy themselves. Aside from the tackles and falls, there’s a feeling of camaraderie that comes along with the club. A strong bond is created amongst teammates, and lifelong friendships and connections are formed as well.

We’ve asked a few members of the rugby team at Ursinus about their experiences in the activity and their overall goals for the remainder of the season. Luke Ammazzalorso ’24 told us,“My experience on the rugby team has helped me grow as a person and a player. The hard work and passion that the boys play with is unmatched. We hope to compete this season and make a name for the Ursinus men’s rugby team.”

Another rugby member, Nick Poplawski ’25, is also very excited and hopeful for the 2023-2024 rugby season. He stated, “We have a really good group of guys. Most are new, & we teach everyone. Really excited this year to go play and have good competition.” 

We’ve also received testimonies from another rugby member Aiden Mashaal, class of 2026, he explained, “My experiences have been great! Although a championship will always be something to strive for, the main reason why I do what I do is for the camaraderie and self improvement.” Even when the team doesn’t come back with a win, they still enjoy playing the game, which is what matters most to everyone involved.

Lastly, we got a word from the head rugby coach, John Porter, who stated, “I am excited and honoured to be coaching the Ursinus College men’s rugby team.  I am looking forward to our Fall season where we expect to field a very competitive side.” He also spoke on the current players, returning and new. He further stated, “We have a lot of new players out this Fall, and many returning experienced players, led by captains Nick Poplawski (junior, flyhalf) and Kieran McDonough (senior, scrumhalf).  Our goals are to [first]learn the great sport of rugby, [second] field a competitive side, and [third] have fun while accomplishing [our] goals.”

From the looks of it, the rugby team is very excited for the season, and they’re looking to have fun playing their sport, regardless of the outcome. They’re also continuously encouraging new players to join, as no previous experience is required. Feel free to show up to practices on Monday, Wednesday & Friday (4:30 on Mondays and Fridays & Wednesdays at 5:30 at Hunsberger field) if you’re ever interested in the activity. They don’t bite, we promise!