Homecoming King and Queen Recap

Ava Compagnoni  (avcompagnoni@ursinus.edu)

   Homecoming has been a much-anticipated event in 2021. Being that it’s everyone’s favorite tradition, homecoming king and queen nominations made a huge comeback this year. Clubs and organizations across campus come together to collect a large donation for the winner’s charity of choice. There were a total of thirteen senior nominees: seven for queen, eight for king.

   For homecoming king the nominees were: Ken Sprankle, Devin Molina, Ian Sanger, Ben Antill, Chris Maienshein, Tyler Reilly, Tyree Williams-Jackson, and Arthur Burns. 

   For homecoming queen the nominees were: Sydney Bowman, Megan DePaul, Matilda Coppes, Kaitlyn McGinley, Lauren Ferguson, Cara Freedman, and Sami Knepper. 

   Along with Halloween decorations, each organization had a banner hung in Upper Wismer to promote their nominee for the week leading up to homecoming. To many students, Upper had never looked better! Excitement began to murmur through campus as students could not wait to vote. 

   At this past Saturday’s homecoming football game, during halftime, the ceremony and presentation of the homecoming court took place. All of the nominees were dressed formally and had their respective organizations cheering them on from the bleachers. The exhilaration ran through the crowd as each nominee was announced. 

   Ben Antill and Kaitlyn McGinley were crowned homecoming king and queen. Ben and Kaitlyn’s charities were: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Integrate for Good, respectively, each of which will receive a $375 donation. 

   Kaitlyn could not have had a more picture-perfect homecoming, even before being crowned queen. “It was an honor to be nominated with Tyree – his energy, passion and positivity have made Ursinus a better place. Additionally, it felt surreal to be on the court with so many amazing people who have all become great friends over the past four years. The best feeling was hearing my family, team, and sorority cheering when I won. Ben has been my rock since freshman year, that day could not have been more special than it was to have him win king beside me,” stated McGinley.

   Ben was just as happy to be on the court as he was to be crowned king. “I  was ecstatic and honored to be nominated for homecoming court, especially with some of my closest friends on campus that I have made over the past four years. Standing on the field was surreal already and I will always remember that feeling when I think back on my time at Ursinus.” 

   Yet another homecoming has passed, but the Bears can’t wait until next fall already.