Homecoming Recap

Photo by Marie Sykes

Article by Marie Sykes <masykes@ursinus.edu>

Urisinus’ 2023 Homecoming saw alumni from across the years return to campus to celebrate. On October 27, 2023, students and alumni alike gathered on the path in front of FLB, and the walkways were filled with tables containing food, reunion information, and craft booths.

“I love the school. Nobody loves it more than I. Somebody might love it as much, but not more than me,” William Ursinus Helfferich III ’75 said. The great-grandson of the college’s founder, Helfferich added that he loved to return year after year to the college.

Emma Illovsky ’25, volleyball libero, said, “it was so nice to have the alumni come back to support and watch our games. We really appreciate all that they’ve done for our program so when they come back it gives us another meaning to play for them!”

Saturday Ursinus played McDaniel in football, winning 49-6. Each Homecoming the Kenneth E. Walker trophy is awarded to the most outstanding Ursinus player, and this year’s winner is Tony Holden, junior running back. “Fedora Mike” Giuliano and Kate Templeton ’24 were this year’s winners of the Homecoming Court.

Former Ursinus College President, Jill Marsteller ’78, P’18, said there was “no place like home,” upon her return. Former Student Government President Arthur Artene ’23, was also spotted. “Just as I remember it,” he said. “Nice seeing everyone on staff and friends from years ago.”

Alumni Izzy Deal ’23 and Erin Drebushenko ’23 attended the day. “We were both on the track team and it’s been nice to go back and see” the team, Drebushenko said. “It reminds us of the big family that Ursinus is, and be reunited and see where our lives are going even though we all started at Ursinus,” Deal said, before giving a shoutout to Coach Star.

As part of the festivities, student band Loose Change performed in front of FLB. “We’re so grateful for the opportunity,” Luke Ammazzalorso ’24 commented. “It wouldn’t be possible without the community’s support.”