How studying abroad has been rewarding

Photograph Courtesy of Courtney Duchene

Shelsea Deravil

Living in the Czech Republic has been some-what difficult for me so far. Of course, being in a new place comes with some expected feelings of not understanding one’s surroundings. My difficulties have involved some additional issues with housing, an eye injury, and finding an internship.

Annoyed yet still pushing through and putting on a brave face, I reminded myself that problems like these are part of the experience of studying abroad. And honestly, those issues have not been so bad as to make me angry or upset. If I really think about it, these aforementioned issues are also problems that I could face back home.

On the other hand, the public transportation here has been my best experience yet. I love taking the tram or metro and just sitting there
on the ride, watching outside the window to familiarize myself with the different stops and places. It is even better when I alternate between the metro and tram to get to my destination.

There are many places to visit, and whatever leisure time I have to myself I make sure I take advantage of. I can boast now that I have almost navigated my way around Prague without the need of a GPS.

The other highlight in my experience so far is my courses. Similar to Ursinus, the classes here are small and involve interaction between the students and professors. This allows me to be more engaged and interested in the lectures, even though the classes themselves are already engaging in their own right. “Uses and Misuses of Propaganda in European Films” and “Czech Cinema” are my two favorite courses, not just because I love film but because I love learning the themes of the films and how they have shaped European culture over time.

I have no doubts about my decision to spend time here in Prague. There have been some difficulties, for sure. but it’s nothing I feel I can’t handle. Paragraph

And the simple pleasures of public transport and the rewards of studying film make the risk more than worth the reward. Studying abroad in Prague has been rewarding for me, and I feel that more traveling and sightseeing will make it even better.