Inside Rush Week with Tri Sigma

Image courtesy of Tri Sigma

Kathy Logan (

Greek life has been a part of Ursinus College since the early 1900s. According to the Ursinus College Website, there are currently eight fraternities and five sororities on campus, consisting of 20 percent of Ursinus students. For those who are unfamiliar, a sorority or a fraternity is a sisterhood or brotherhood created with the intention of sharing common aspirations and goals. The members make a commitment to their brotherhood or sisterhood for life. Together, they learn and grow to make their sorority or fraternity the best Greek organization it can be. 

     Natalie Rubinkam, an Ursinus College sophomore and new member of one of Ursinus’ sororities Tri Sigma went through Rush Week. Rubinkam explained that she was expecting to meet a lot of different people, but, other than that, she had no idea what else to anticipate. “I especially liked the Rush events because last year we had Covid and I barely had any events to go to while at Ursinus. So this Rush Week was definitely an enjoyable experience,” she added. 

     After being asked her favorite experience of Rush week, she claims that “meeting the girls in Tri Sigma. They were so great and kind, I really felt like I belonged with those girls.” Rubinkam always wanted a sorority where the sisters were kind, accepting, and maintained close bonds with one another. She also plans “to put my schoolwork above all else while making sure I make time for the sorority. I will need to be organized with my schedule but overall, I’m just excited to be a part of Tri Sigma!” 

     Alena DiSanto, the Recruitment Director for Tri Sigma said, “Every detail planned is set by the recruitment director with the help of other members’ opinions and votes as well.” Her favorite Rush event was ‘How Sweet is it to be a Sigma’. It is a great way to introduce Tri Sigma to potential new members all while enjoying sweet treats and meeting the sisters.

     DiSanto explained that the organization looks for recruits who are “upstanding women who will empower others to change the world as well as women of strong womanly character. Tri Sigma’s values are faith, love, hope, wisdom, and power, and we also look for girls who have those qualities.” She went on: “Some of the benefits of being in a national sorority like Sigma Sigma Sigma [are] the valuable leadership and personal development experiences that Sigma has to offer on a national and chapter level.” To conclude, Tri Sigma offers programs solely based on the mission of empowering women to change the world. Experiences like these allow room for leadership, learning, and development.  

     Tri Sigma is just one of the sororities here on Ursinus campus who are happy to extend the opportunity of rushing to any interested student.