John Murray Senior Exit Profile

John Murray is a graduating senior on the Men’s Golf Team here at Ursinus. Hailing from Haverford, John stepped onto campus in 2018 ready to make a lasting impact. With teammates coming and going for their own reasons, John stuck it out all four years with the UC Golf Team. For his dedication to the program and love of the game, I wanted to pick his brain to really understand just how his four years went as a collegiate athlete. Here is how our conversation went: 

James: How would you describe your overall experience here on the Golf Team? 

John: Coming out of high school I didn’t expect to play in college but found Coach Hollis when I visited, and he just made me feel so welcome.  I have loved my time here from Spring Break to competing at some of the area’s nicest courses.  I would highly suggest joining a program like this it really grows your love for the game and builds lifelong friendships.   

James: Did the previous seasons lost make you hungrier for a full season this spring? 

John: I think it didn’t make me hungry but more excited.  I knew we had a decent group this year and had some capabilities of being good but losing two seasons puts us at an experience deficit.  Hopefully the young guys this year feel ready for next year’s season after playing some great tournaments this year.   

James: What was the most rewarding part of your four years on the golf team? 

John: I think the most rewarding thing that has come from this team besides growing my love for the game would be the friendships.  I have some of the best teammates and some lifelong friends that wouldn’t have happened without this team.   

James: What have you learned from your time on the golf team that will best prepare you for life after Ursinus?  

John: I think the game of golf does a great job teaching you how to be patient, respectful, relaxed, and really testing my consistency.  In the professional world all these things are needed but also with a tight group of guys I have also learned how to collaborate with each other and work as a team.  These qualities will be so important in my transition into the real world. 

James: What was the coolest course you got to play while at Ursinus?  

John: Every year we get to go to Pinehurst for spring break where we get to play Tobacco Road.  This place is like playing golf on Mars and I will totally being traveling back there in the future.   

James: What will you miss most about golf at Ursinus? 

John: I will miss the camaraderie and the trips we get to take overnight and Spring Break.  I’ll also miss the free golf a lot, haha. 

From all of this, it is evident that John really did care about his time here and the people he spent it with. Throughout my four years here, I have had the pleasure to call John a close friend of mine.  With his great work ethic, love for sports and overall person that John is, I have no doubt in my mind that the future holds nothing but success for John Murray.