Life After Ursinus: What Will I Do?

Cole Gannon (

As the fall semester winds down, seniors all over campus are confronted with the reality that they will soon leave Ursinus. I and my fellow classmates are constantly faced with the question: What will you do after graduation? Questions like this are incredibly big and scary, especially for those who do not have a plan in place. 

Throughout our time at Ursinus, we were taught the core questions that are meant to guide our learning and help us find purpose. One of the biggest core questions that is a recurring thought in a senior’s mind is, “What will I do?” After speaking with my senior friends and suitemates, we all agreed that it is one of the most difficult questions, especially at this point in our lives. Having to weigh out desires versus needs in post-college life is no easy task, and adding the general question of “What will I do?” throws a wrench into the mix. 

Kamil Nazih expressed her uncertainty by saying, “I don’t feel ill-prepared for whatever comes next, but when asked what I’ll do, I literally think: I don’t know.” Annellie Freed, shared similar feelings. “It’s bittersweet going into a new chapter.” It is “scary because of all the uncertainty, but I feel like I’ve had enough time here,” she added. Many of the seniors I spoke to communicated the same feelings as Nazih and Freed, but have a more definitive direction. Zach Quinn recently accepted a job offer from the company he finished an internship with a few weeks prior. “It’s definitely strange being a senior and coming up on second semester, I know I have a job lined up so I’m kind of just finishing my school work and trying to stay busy. It’s weird yet exciting with graduation around the corner and preparing for the real world.” 

Whether seniors have a plan or not, it’s safe to say that we are fully feeling the pressure. Fortunately enough, we’re all in this together. Sharing our insecurities will only help us get power through this tough and confusing time. Ultimately, it strengthens our ability to conquer the curveballs life throws at us.