Loose Change Takes Center Stage in Lower Wismer

Jenna Smith jesmith2@ursinus.edu

Loose Change put on a stupefying concert in Lower Wismer on Saturday March 25th. The event garnered more than 200 attendees, from students to staff to friends of friends, all in support of Ursinus’s banger band. This extraordinary event was put on in partnership with Ucrew and Student Engagement.

Loose Change consists of members Ali Lisanti ‘24, the band’s vocalist, Luke Ammazzalorso ‘24 on bass and drums, Kipp Ransome ‘24 on guitar and bass, Sam Grubb ‘24 on keys and guitar, and Joey Nolan ‘24 on bass, drums, and guitar.

Loose Change officially formed last semester in Fall of 2022. Lisanti had randomly texted Nolan, a longtime friend of hers, that they should start a band. They were sitting in Wismer when they received the text, and coined themselves as the WizKids. However, the band changed their name shortly after in their creative process, ultimately deciding they wanted to call themselves “Loose Change.” Throughout the Fall semester the group gather in their dorm rooms to mess around with Nolan and Ransome’s acoustic guitars. They started experimenting with singing whilst playing, drawing small crowds of their friends to watch as they tried new music. Eventually, they decided they could actually do something with their talents and knack for creativity and started to get serious.

For the time being, Loose Change just wants to keep playing, having fun, and see where this journey takes them. They are not putting pressure on any long-term goals for their group, but their short-term goal is to play at some off campus venues sometime in the future. The band members all really enjoy seeing how many individual people they are able to reach.

Last semester, Ucrew hosted Loose Change’s first concert in Lower Wismer. This initial event garnered quite a bit of attendance and a riveting crowd, but nothing in comparison to last weekend’s success. The event went off without a hitch, and attendance boasted more than 200 at one point of the night. Public opinion of the event stated a large appreciation of the performance and musical talent from the members; the excitement from the crowd reverberated through campus. In hosting these concerts Loose Change partners with Ucrew. This partnership seeks to further spread Ucrew’s mission statement–cultivating education, respect and wellness–and, in doing so, host a fun and sober campus-wide event.

Luke Ammazzalorso, a member of Ucrew himself, liaised between Student Engagement, Ucrew, facilities and tech to successfully facilitate the night. Ammazzalorso enjoys throwing these events not only because he loves to perform, but he recognizes how an event like this can help change the campus culture and positively impact his peers. In working on spreading Ucrew’s mission, Ammazzalorso explains, “I understand what it is like to be a student on this campus, and I felt like Ucrew allows me to use that knowledge to help my peers around me.”

In all, Loose Change’s partnership with Ucrew and Student Engagement allowed them to spread a positive message about sober fun and creative expression! Look out for future concerts from Ursinus’s favorite band and be sure to follow them on instagram at @loose_ change_uc.