Meet The New Professors On Campus

First Row L-R: Sierra King, Kyle Prochnow, Bekah Starr, Second Row L-R: Melinda Rice, Katie Henson, Michael Love (Faculty photos sourced from the Ursinus Website)

Article by Michael Nieves-Hoblin <>

The Grizzly reached out to some of the new faculty at Ursinus to get to know them better. All of these responses were gathered from email from a combination of adjunct and tenure track professors.

Q: What did you major in during your undergrad?

Melinda Rice, Director of Stringl Ensemble: In undergrad, I studied liberal arts, with an emphasis on music.

Sierra King, Chemistry: Biochemistry

Michael Love, Dance: I earned a B.S. in Marketing Communication from Emerson College where I studied advertising, public relations, and theater while focusing on entertainment marketing. I found the training I received as an undergrad especially useful during my time as the Communications Coordinator at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, DC in 2013-2014.

Matt Leslie, Biology: My undergraduate degree is in Zoology, and I completed a minor in Wildlife Ecology and Management.

Patrick DeBrosse, History: History, with minors in Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Anthropology.

Jeff Ocampo, Computer Science: BA in Business & Economics, Ursinus Class of 2012.

Kyle Prochnow, History: I attended a liberal arts college in northern California that felt a lot like Ursinus. I majored in history and worked with my professors on a couple of fun research projects. I knew I wanted to be a historian the day our college librarian taught me how to use the microfiche machine.

Katie Henson, English Creative Writing: I was an Acting major at first, and very quickly realized I was better at English, and that English required less (indeed, no) auditioning. I had a professor who introduced me to Postcolonial Literary theory, and another professor who praised my poetry, and that was it for me.

Bekah Starr, Jewish Life Coordinator majored in Design and Applied Arts at Kean University and received a Clergy Ordination in Jewish/Judaic Studies from Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute

Q:  What are your hobbies outside of Ursinus?

Melinda Rice: I enjoy walking with my dog, Cooper, and reading science fiction with a cup of tea right before bed.

Sierra King: Hiking, jigsaw puzzles, and spending time with my son and husband.

Michael Love: My favorite thing to do on the weekends is to explore different Philadelphia neighborhoods. I like spending time in record shops and have enjoyed building my vinyl collection

Matt Leslie: I like to go camping, hiking, fishing, and generally be outside.

Patrick DeBrosse: My doctoral dissertation (which I am writing at Fordham University) is about the political culture of the twelfth-century Angevin Empire. Essentially, I look at the poetry and the monastic histories produced around the city of Limoges, to see how the experience of being annexed into the Angevin Empire changed identity for the people from that region. This approach lets me get at some of the big questions that medieval historians like to ask: how did medieval empires work? Why did the crusading movement continue to grow? How did written history, both real and legendary, shape behavior? What is the relationship between poetry and politics? etc. 

Jeff Ocampo: I love spending time with my wife and two dogs. I enjoy being active and am currently focused on triathlon after spending time in strongman, powerlifting, skydiving, and lacrosse.

Kyle Prochnow: When I’m not working, I enjoy watching sports. Students who visit my office will find a San Francisco 49ers sticker carefully tacked up beside my door. I recently purchased an upright piano too. I’ve played since I was a kid and it brings me a lot of joy. I also love to cook!

Katie Henson: Knitting! Napping! Getting frustrated by my own writing! Reading with my daughter!