November Editor’s Note

Layla M. Halterman (

Dear Ursinus Family, 

Growing up, Thanksgiving dinner never made my mouth water. I avoided turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes like the plague. As a proud Jersey native that fist pumps on the regular, I’d rather stuff my face with delicious thin crust pizza. But I have always been quite fond of the gratitude concept this national holiday is rooted upon.  

It’s no secret life can be tricky. It’s frequently stressful and overwhelming, especially for those who are full time college students. There’s a tumultuous amount of pressure to do and be the best with no room to slip up. Regardless of my hectic, strenuous schedule, I always find time to give thanks. 

Of course, there are the usual platitudes I could graciously offer, and I’d mean every single one of them. Yes, I’m thankful for my family, my health, and my beautiful home back in Westfield, NJ which is also known as Bestfield. Though lately, I find myself extra grateful for Ursinus. It’s a broad thanks, and one that has a multifaceted purpose. Being a Bear has allowed me to soar to new heights, discover inner strengths, and meet so many kind-hearted yet brilliant thinkers. Without this experience, my life would be vastly different, nearly unrecognizable. 

When I begin pitch meetings, I ask my fellow student colleagues to share aloud what they are most grateful for. This exercise pushes and ultimately trains the mind to continuously hunt for the little bits of light in the dark; to harp on the things that make the days just a tad easier. 

Gratitude is like a muscle. The more you flex it, the stronger it grows. If my team and I can make this practice a habit, you can too. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Yours truly,