October’s Editor’s Letter

Dear Ursinus Family, 

I’m a sucker for fall, especially Halloween. Perhaps as an East Coaster, warmth and comfort are ingrained in my DNA. I think the combination of the crisp air beating against my skin, the leaves unapologetically changing colors, and unpacking dusty boxes stored with warm, cozy sweaters makes this time of year like no other. 

Recently, I was gifted a bracelet by my cool Aunt Mare that spelled out the word “Fearless.” When I think of Halloween, I think of fear, too. I’m not just talking about the fear of ghosts, clowns, or creatures of the night. I’m talking about the invisible fears we all battle with on occasion. For instance, the fear of failure, judgment, betrayal, solitude, change. The list could go on and on. 

But what may seem like a small gift held greater and deeper meaning to me. It was a kind reminder that we shouldn’t let our fears paralyze and preclude us from fully living. Instead, embrace the angst, even the silly anxieties that Halloween is rooted upon. If we do just that, big and small, the opportunities are endless. 

Do yourself a favor! Test positive for refusing to live in fear not just in October, but in every season. 

Yours truly,