Reflections from Ursinus’ December Graduates

Commencement 2023

Article by Erin Corcoran <> and Amelia Kunko <>



With several students graduating in December, a few members of The Grizzly staff took it upon themselves to reach out to these graduating seniors. All of the seniors were asked, “What is one thing you love on- or off-campus that you’d want others to do/know about?” Their responses are recorded below:


Dora Zeibekis, Biology major and Spanish minor:

“If I could live at Blossom Cafe year round, I would. They sell La Colombe coffee and have the CUTEST seating area that is perfect for hanging out with friends and doing work (or just for fun). Also, they partner with animal shelter programs for adoption events and the owners love bringing in their own dog. All and all, the best off campus place to hang.”



Amelia Kunko, Psychology major:

“Phoenixville Farmer’s Market! I love getting up on Saturday mornings in the fall and heading there with my friends. After the market we’ll usually wander into town, grab coffee at Steel City, and window shop. If you ask me, this is the best way to kick off fall semester weekends. Phoenixville and the Farmer’s Market have a special place in my heart and I’ll miss going there with my best friends”



Sophie Louis, Psychology major, Biology minor, and Science and the Common Good minor:

“The Phoenixville Farmer’s Market! It happens each Saturday morning indowntown Phoenixville. I love perusing the stands while chatting with friends, buying cinnamon almond butter from Nutty Novelties (my favorite stand), and ending with a stop in one of the coffee shops.”



Jess Schnur, Media and Communications Studies major, Film Studies minor, and Digital Studies minor:

“Some faculty and friends made along the way really have made college worth it. I had been so focused on trying to get out of here as soon as possible, some days even feeling like it was all a mistake going to college at all, but some of my professors, advisors, and friends were what pushed me to keep goingand to be the best version of myself. I don’t think I would bewhere I am right now if it weren’t for some of the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know here.”



Hannah Conley, Physics major:

“Joining Professor Tom Carroll’s research team last summer and working with my classmates on physics problem sets during the semester have been the most rewarding experiences in my time at Ursinus. I would have never believed I was capable of doing so much physics and enjoying it so much had it not been for these uplifting communities. In our study group and in research, we laugh just as much as we get angry at code or hard problems. I am leaving Ursinus knowing I’ve gained valuable friendships and confidence that I can learn anything with the right support and discipline.”


Erin Corcoran, Media and Communications Studies major, Digital Studies minor and English minor:

“Student-run media! W hether it’s WVOU, The Lantern, or, of course, The Grizzly, these made me grow out of my comfort zone in the best way possible during my time at Ursinus and get exposed to great people along the way. Carving my name into a small piece of Ursinus history by publishing in both The Lantern and Grizzly has created some of the most rewarding experiences during my time on campus as well.”