Sedona’s Satisfying Eats

Andrew J Perez


As a college student, I am always looking to venture out to new restaurants, especially on the weekends. On the web, I came across Sedona Taphouse which is located in Downtown Phoenixville, about ten minutes from Ursinus College, and automatically stood out for its food and atmosphere. Downtown Phoenixville is a beautiful town filled with many things to discover, such as restaurants and record shops. When I saw Sedona Taphouse pop up on my Downtown Phoenixville search, I knew I had to try it.

Talk about a comfortable atmosphere to let go of your worries and enjoy some great food. Right when I walked in, I felt the nice warmth of the fire. The taphouse almost has a fancy air to it, but feel free to dress as casual as possible. Since the place was packed, me and my company grabbed a seat outside on their patio, enclosed in a large tent with cozy heaters. Not dining inside the restaurant was no bother, since there were flat-screen TV’s and delightful service for our acquaintance. 

Diving in on the adventurous eats, Sedona’s dinner menu is composed of various starters, greens, pastas, entrees from the wood grill, house specialties, handhelds and flatbreads, along with specials. However, I needed to begin my journey with their craft root beer, which was delightful. The canyon nachos stood out to me under starters, described on the menu as a large nacho platter, layered with cheddar cheese, house made queso, slow roasted pulled pork, sour cream, guacamole, and fresh pico for $15.90. Sedona goes above and beyond on their descriptions since these nachos weren’t just large, they were enormous! It was like chowing down on a mountain. The house made queso was extremely cheesy and creamy with a slight kick and the pulled pork was so tender and flavorful. The rest of the toppings all came together on those fresh savory chips. The canyon nachos were out of this world and filling, but I still had the hangover burger coming my way as the main event.

The hangover burger includes  7oz. Wagyu beef, American cheese, bacon, over-easy egg, house-made sauce, and caramelized onions on a toasted potato bun for $17.90. I’ve never had an over-easy egg on a burger, so I figured I’d expand my horizons and experiment. I was mind-blown by the texture and combination I never knew a burger could  have. The yolk blended into the burger so well, perfectly runny, and not messy whatsoever. The burger itself was a bit greasy, but brought out an extraordinary flavor that was mouthwatering. The part I flippin’ loved was the big knife used to cut the burger in half, which I’ve never done before. Sedona gave me a first for many things!

Can’t forget about the crispy and salty french fries on the side. Who doesn’t love that? Sedona Taphouse does not disappoint with their lovely environment, prices, service, and pleasurable food. That’s one restaurant checked off my list for wonderful eats in Downtown Phoenixville, much more to try!