Swimmer’s Retreat

Kathy Logan (kalogan@ursinus.edu)

While Ursinus students were relaxing at home or working shifts over winter break, the swim team was in warm, sunny Florida training for their upcoming season. The workouts took place in Fort Lauderdale or more specifically, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, over the course of a week or so. 

Rosalia Murphy, senior and captain of the swim team, explained “Our trip is 10 days long, where we are training twice a day every day. Our first practice is from 8-10am and after that we head back to our hotel to make breakfast and eat with the team. Then we go to the beach and come back in time for our second practice, which is from 4-6pm.” She further stated that three days throughout the entirety of the trip they are required to “lift from 6:45am-7:45am, and then we get right in the pool from 8-10 for our first practice. We usually get one day off where our coaches take us somewhere fun so that we can spend time as a team and bond.” 

During the time in the sunny state, Murphy said her goal was to prepare well for what her body was about to endure. “Florida is, by far, the hardest part of the season. Our bodies are pushed to places that we did not even know they could go.” She mentioned that her class was the only one to have previously visited Florida, especially given the suspension and COVID surge so the preparation was even more demanding both physically and mentally. “Thank goodness the swim team got to enjoy the beach in between those tough hours of practice and thankfully, the team got the opportunity to travel even in the midst of COVID,” Murphy exclaimed. 

Given the fact that graduation is closing in on seniors, Murphy describes her bittersweet emotions. “While Florida is extremely difficult, and there were times where my body was just beat down, I was still sad about not getting the chance to do this again with my team. We all go through such hard training together, but there is something about doing it with this group of people that makes it all the less painful.” 

She asserts that she will miss the chance to bond with the team, especially on trips like these. “I wish I had the chance to have 4 training trips and make the memories that will stick with me for a lifetime.” The memories made on the trip, she claims, are quite fruitful and impactful. “They are memories that I will continue to talk about whenever I discuss my Ursinus College Swimming career.” 

Ursinus is happy to hear that the trip went off without a hitch. We are all beary excited for what the swim team will do in the years to come!