Taco Tuesday Tastiness

Andrew Perez



Ever hear of an authentic Mexican joint located inside of a Quick-Stop? I hadn’t until I took a tour down Collegeville’s Main Street to discover it for myself. Sharing its space with Quick-Stop lies El Gordo Bros, welcoming a little piece of Mexico with their amazing authentic food. They have a full on menu with any type of Mexican dish you can think – tamales, tortas, and platos, alongside Mexican sodas to enjoy with your meal!

El Gordo Bros hosts a Taco Tuesday special each week selling $1 tacos. They offer these up with a fresh side of chips and salsa, and the tacos pairing with fresh veggies, lime, and a hot pepper. The chips are fresh and salted, paired with the tasty salsa that brings a slight kick to your throat.

  The chips and salsa represent a phenomenal side to begin with, but the tacos are the main event. These tacos are no doubt the best I’ve had in Pennsylvania. Sprinkled with plenty of cilantro and onion for an extra authentic taste, the tacos are doubled up in tortilla, holding the fillings together and all around making it even greater. As for the protein, I ordered four tacos, meaning four different proteins. Al pastor (marinated pork), carne asada (steak), pollo (grilled chicken), and camaron (shrimp). All four fillings have the seasonings you dream about and the juiciness that is irresistible. My personal favorite was the camaron. 

El Gordo Bros is a hidden gem inside the Quick Stop on Collegeville’s Main Street.  In the spring I’ll be over there a lot, especially on Tuesdays for $1 tacos!