Tree Planting Ceremony to Honor Damiano Rotolo

Andrew J Perez

Vol 52 / Issue 10


On April 21st, 2024, Ursinus College will honor Damiano “Dam” Rotolo in a tree planting ceremony as a tribute to an amazing friend, student-athlete, and loved one. Dam knew how to make anybody’s day by cracking a joke, being extraordinary, or even just smiling. He was a great fit here in the Ursinus community and he had a huge heart that he shared with all. His teammates and friends talk and think about him every day, recalling memories like the one time Dam rode his skateboard down the hallway in the BPS basement. 

Last March after Dam passed, Director of Wrestling Joe Jamison stated in an Ursinus Athletics article titled, “Ursinus Mourns the Loss of Damiano Rotolo,” that “Dam was a great teammate and friend to everyone he knew. He had a unique ability of getting people to laugh when they needed it the most, and how much he cared for everyone was incredibly evident. People were drawn to him. Dam came to Ursinus as an incredible student-athlete and had a bright future ahead of him. We’re going to miss him terribly.” Jamison always looked after Dam and took care of him on and off the mat and we will never forget the difference he made in the program.

Mikey Adams ’26 and Gabe Heaney ’26 were Damiano’s roommates. They speak very highly of him, saying how he was truly one of a kind and a fun kid inside and out. He would always be open and honest with you about anything, and you could always count on his trust. Adams elaborates on how Dam loved to influence his friends and teammates, like teaching them how to dress well and to rely more on themselves. The things he did for others went above and beyond generosity. He truly cared for every single person who entered his life.

Dam will always be remembered by his pearls and his cross he wore. They signified the kind of person he was. His closest friends describe Dam as a super bright and kind kid that was never selfish. They will tell you that he had a contagious personality that spread positivity and good vibes. 

Something really special about Dam is how good of a relationship he had with his parents. He spoke with them on the phone every opportunity he could and loved them dearly. His love and respect for his parents showed his friends how to have a great relationship with someone you are close to and to be grateful. If you were in Dam’s circle, he would be there for you and take time out of his busy day to check up on you. 

The tree planted outside Floy Lewis Bakes Center at 11am this upcoming Sunday will symbolize Dam forever in our hearts, as he will never be forgotten. Long Live Damiano.