The Long Match

Kathleen Logan

On March 26th, the Ursinus Tennis team was set to play Gettys- burg College at 1pm at the Perkiomen High School tennis courts. However, the match ended up finishing at 2:45am in the Floy Lewis Bakes Center with Ursinus winning 5-4. How did this hap- pen? Why did a tennis match run for over 12 hours?

Darby Rogers is a sophomore on the Men’s Tennis team who plays #2 doubles and #4 singles. Rogers and his partner lost in their #2 doubles match in a 7 point tie break, but he came back and won his #4 singles match 6-3 6-1. “The reason it ran so late was because it was supposed to be played outside start- ing at 1. However, the rain pushed the time back until 4pm, but because the courts were still wet, we had to move inside to the FLB, which only has 3 courts. The women eventually started at 4:30 and it took them until 9:45 to finish their match, due to the fact it was so close. This then gave the men 30 minutes to warm up and start at 10:15. Our match as previously mentioned was also so close and why it ran until 2:45 in the morning.” He went on to say that this was one of the longest matches he has ever played.

Senior Maddie Russell won both her 3rd doubles match and 1st singles match in a tie-break against Gettysburg. Not only did Russell secure two big wins that night but she also made the impressive achievement of winning her 50th match here at Ursinus!

“Achieving 50 wins is a huge accomplishment that I am very proud of and definite- ly wanted to achieve during my time on the team,” she says. She has high hopes for her last tennis season here at Ursinus. “So far my team started off with a 3-0 record within our conference, which is new territory for UCWT, and I am extremely excited to see how the rest of our season pans out!” Despite the Gettysburg match running later than expected, the Ursinus tennis team prevailed, scoring their third win of the season.