Timothy Pyne’s Senior Exit Profile

Tim is a student athlete (baseball) who majors in international relations. Tim was a crucial part of the baseball team this year as one of six returning seniors with needed experience. Outside of the sport, Tim excels in the classroom and succeeds in nearly all day-to-day situations. After speaking with him, I truly was grateful to have this opportunity. 

How would you describe your overall experience here on the Baseball Team? 

An experience that I will never forget. Definitely a grind that was not easy at all but a feeling of extreme accomplishment now that it is over. 

Missing out on two full seasons with the Covid-19 pandemic, how was it to end your career with a full season? 

It made everything worth it. Not having full seasons the past few years made it feel like baseball wasn’t the same anymore. Having that last full season felt like normality again. Glad I got to experience it one last time.  

What was the most rewarding part of your four years on the baseball team? 

The most rewarding part for me was getting an opportunity to start my senior year. Putting in all of the work that I did and proving myself in years prior with the opportunities that I got, it all felt worth it by being rewarded with being able to start a lot of conference games this season. 

What have you learned from your time on the baseball team that will best prepare you for life after Ursinus?  

That in order to find meaning and opportunity in something you have to put in the work first. Nothing comes in life without work being put into it first and more importantly, failure. 

What’s your biggest regret (if any) when reflecting on your college baseball days? 

I would say my biggest regret was coming to college when I did. Having two COVID years took two baseball years away from me and I wish I was born sooner or later than I was so I did not have to go through that. 

What will you miss most about baseball at Ursinus? 

I will miss the team aspect. Having brotherly relationships with baseball made everything worth it. 

What are you most excited about in the world that awaits you after graduation? 

I am most excited about being prepared for failure. Baseball has shown me how to fail and how to overcome failure and come back stronger. With this skill I am excited to face the obstacles and journey of life in the real world. 

By the conclusion of his interview, it was evident that Tim gave everything he had to this school and baseball program. Tim had a number of close friends in the classroom and on the field. He was a role model for underclassmen and an exceptional one at that. With his charismatic and hard-working attitude, all around him look up to and follow Tim. As one of Tim’s close friends, Ursinus and I have been blessed with his presence over the last four years. Good luck with what comes next! You will hit it out of the park… again.