UC Imagine Fest Starts Friday!

Amelia Kunko amkunko@ursinus.edu

Ursinus’s UC Imagine Fest is quickly approaching. The theme for this year’s event is “Living with Tech: Tech-inspired ideas for solving today’s problems.” Students with any tech-related ideas are invited to register. This year’s UC Imagine Fest will be held on Friday, November 11 and Saturday, November 12.

The UC Imagine Fest is a chance for students to explore and discuss ideas and topics that they are passionate about. “UC Imagine Fest is an idea session focused on creating original solutions to current problems, open to any student, from any year and any major,” said Maureen Cumpstone, Ursinus’s Entrepreneur in Residence. For any students looking to discuss their creative ideas with others, the UC Imagine Fest is a great space to do so. “It is an opportunity for students to create and share ideas about topics that are important to them,” said Cumpstone. “The hardest part is giving it a try!”

Each participant will have 15 hours to come up with a solution to an important problem. On Saturday, November 12th, students will present their tech-based solutions to a panel of judges. Snacks and coffee will be provided!

Students have the chance to win cash prizes at the UC Imagine Fest. The first place winner will receive $750, the second place winner will receive $500, and the third place winner will receive $250. The first and second place winners will also have the chance to consult with a professional advisor.

Students are not the only ones who can get involved this year. “This year UC Imagine Fest is open to faculty and staff that want to problem solve and share their ideas,” Cumpstone shared. “They are invited to participate, but are not eligible to win prize money.”

The UC Imagine Fest is a great opportunity for students to chat with other creative minds and make connections. “Students will get to interact with outside experts, professionals and alumni for casual networking and inspiration,” Cumpstone explained. “They will become part of a community of idea generators from around the world that regularly meet to generate solutions to a variety of today’s problems.” Additionally, participating students will receive t-shirts and swag!

The UC Imagine Fest’s schedule is as follows:

Friday, November 11th
· 5:00 PM: Dinner/Registration
· 5:30 PM: Keynote, Introduction
· 6:00 PM: Instructions and Team Formation

Saturday November 12th

· 8:00 AM: Continental Breakfast · 8:30 AM: Team Time
· 9:30 AM: Mentor Meetings
· 12:00 PM: Lunch

· 1:00 PM: Team Time and Practice Pitches

· 2:30 PM: Final Pitches
· 3:30 PM: Keynote and Rewards

Registration will remain open until Friday, November 11th. If you are interested in working on creative problem solving with other students and competing for a cash prize, make sure to sign up. Students can register by scanning this barcode below: