UC Television Program Coming to Life

Layla Halterman (lahalterman@ursinus.edu)

There’s breaking news in the Media & Communications Department. With broadcast journalism being of interest to many students on campus, Dr. Lynne Edwards, a professor in MCS, has decided to offer a broadcast class this semester. Edwards knows that “students have been clamoring for this opportunity and now is the time to make it happen.” She and her students will later pitch the final product to Ursinus’s Communications department. 

Justin Masiello, a student taking the class this semester, feels “we are far behind other colleges with the idea of a news broadcast” but is excited to be part of history. He is confident that students will watch and love the broadcast.

Delanie Rogers, another student in the class, explains that she is “a bit perplexed.” She did not realize how big of a deal this class was but, “now I am in awe of it.” Her first love is anchoring and believes she has a large presence on screen. 

As for goals, both students hope to further their anchoring and production skills. Masiello even has a desire to incorporate local businesses into commercials to give the broadcast, “a full Collegeville community feel.” 

Edwards is “thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to help Ursinus students create what I believe to be our first news program.” 

There’s no doubt this group of students will put together a broadcast that everyone will enjoy. What a legacy to have started. Go, MCS-275A!