Ursinus celebrates the Commons Opening

Samantha Beckman


All last year, students watched with rapt anticipation as the new Ursinus College Commons was built from the ground up. The $7 million, 16,805-squarefoot space will be the welcome center for prospective students and a social hub for students. The building incorporated Keigwin Hall. However, the Coronavirus pandemic put a hold on the opening, and most students were not able to visit until the Fall semester. Now that the Commons is finally open, and students can experience its sleek modern design and welcoming curb appeal, it has brought a sense of community to campus.

“It’s very scenic,” Sophomore Julie Cherneskie said, “especially if you’ve seen it at night.” When asked if the Commons has lived up to the hype, Cherneskie smiled and enthusiastically shook her head yes. “I enjoy eating breakfast on the terrace and looking out at campus. The view is so pretty and it’s nice to share that with friends.” Julie says that she goes to the Commons a lot with her sister, who also is a student on campus. “My sister and I always go to the Commons together after working out. We like to sit and cool down for a little bit and the Commons is a nice place to do that.”

Cherneskie is not the only student that believes the Commons is a nice addition to the campus, Sophomore Jenna Lozzi also enjoys spending time there. “It’s a nice quiet place to do work,” Lozzi explained, “before we just had the library, and now it is nice to know there is another spot on campus to go and quietly work,” Because there is a lot of seating up on the second floor, as well as a classroom, there is never a shortage of space to sit down. Lozzi believes that the Commons has something for every student, “I haven’t ordered from Starbucks yet like many have already, but I do like taking out my dinner and going to eat there.”

Lozzi might not have tried anything from Starbucks yet, but Junior Ally St. Jean says Starbucks is her favorite part of visiting the Commons. “I thought the Commons would be just another office space, but it’s actually really cool.” St. Jean was very excited for the opening. “I wanted to see what it was all about, so my first day back, I immediately went to the Commons and I was not disappointed.” Junior transfer Miles Noecker was not disappointed with the Commons either. “I’m really happy I never had to experience campus without Starbucks because it’s an integral part of my day.” In addition to ordering his daily Starbucks, Noecker finds he likes sitting outside on the patio. “I like basking in the sun while enjoying my iced coffee with pumpkin foam and taking in the sights of the sidewalk.” These four students all agree that the Commons is a very important addition to the school, so much that it has become the new community center of Ursinus.