Volleyball Veterans

Photo by Holly Stang

Article by Kathy Logan <kalogan@ursinus.edu>

Set! Spike! Score! Volleyball season is upon us and the players are ready to give Ursinus a great season!

So far they have 6 wins and 16 matches to go. To get more insight in volleyball’s latest season, three players from the team were interviewed about their current season, which for seniors will be their last. The players interviewed were Claire Worley, Megan Aube, and Gabby McGinn. Each player was asked a series of questions that corresponded with their season and respective sport. For the first question, “What is your position in volleyball?”, Claire said that she was a setter, Megan had explained, “I play as a defensive specialist. A defensive specialist plays in the back row and is responsible for getting a good pass to the setter to be able to run the offense”, and Gabby replied that she was right-side hitter. The three were then asked what they were most looking forward to this season, Claire began and stated that, “I am looking forward to the little moments with my teammates. I am looking forward to the bus ride sing alongs and our other shenanigans. I am also looking forward to seeing how we do in conference. Our level of play looks the best that it’s been while I’ve been here so I’m looking forward to hopefully surprising some teams in the conference.” Megan then said that “I am looking forward to a competitive season. Our strength of schedule is the highest it has been in program history. I look forward to competing with my team and working toward our goal of making playoffs.” 

The seniors were then asked how they all felt about this season being their last. Both Claire and Gabby expressed feeling bittersweet as they are sad that they will be leaving the team after this year but they are also excited to see what progress their team continues to make. Megan detailed her feelings differently, “When being asked how I feel about this being my last season, I experience many emotions. I have been playing volleyball competitively since sixth grade. Volleyball has given me so many opportunities and life lessons I will always cherish. The Ursinus College volleyball team is truly my second family. They have given me unconditional love and support and the best memories that will last a lifetime. I am sad that I will not be playing competitively anymore after this season, but I am grateful for all the opportunities this sport has given me.” 

Since all three were seniors, they were also asked if they had noticed any improvements about themselves or their town over the course of their four years, “The biggest improvement is the level of play for the team. Each year we have gotten a little better and this year is no exception to that. I think we shocked some people with our 10-0 start last year, but this year I think we will be competing and even possibly beating teams that we didn’t last year”, said Claire. Gabby then followed up with, The team has 100% shaped me into who I am today. From helping me understand the importance of time management to valuing such close relationships and prioritizing them.” As a parting question, all were asked if the Ursinus campus had any big volleyball events. They all replied that their Senior day was coming up and they had big conference games against Hopkins on September 30th and Muhlenberg on October 4th. 

Be sure to check out the next couple of volleyball games and get the chance to see the seniors in action!