What are the lovers of Ursinus doing this Valentine’s Day?

Ava Compagnoni: avcompagnoni@ursinus.edu

Valentine’s Day is either a hit or miss for young adults at our age. You have either grown tired of it from your high school relationship you have been in for the past five years or you have grown excited for the holiday with your new Ursinus boo (Word tried to auto-correct that to book, maybe for some people). Here are some of the responses I received surveying the Ursinus community.

“I ordered him an NFC Championship Eagles shirt to surprise him with and we will probably go out to dinner either the day before or after Valentine’s Day since our Tuesdays are both busy,” says a bright-eyed female student.

“My partner and I will probably stay in with a bottle of wine and watch our new favorite show we started together, Loki,” says a Starbucks patron.

“I am planning on shaking the walls of my Main Street house after I treat my woman to dinner,” says an anonymous Main Street resident.

“My boyfriend and I, of legal age, will be going to the Trappe Tavern where we can indulge in their nachos, wings, and booze,” says an expectant low-standard girlfriend of three years.

“Everyday is like Valentine’s Day for us, so we don’t really do much,” says the boyfriend who fails to even try.

“We do something small for actually Valentine’s Day since it is February and still cold out, but we re-celebrate on May 14th because the weather is so much nicer and we have a picnic outside,” says a bright-eyed (potentially ENV major) couple.

“Nothing, since I am a spring-athlete and I will be at practice and my boyfriend goes to Penn State, fingers crossed it’s the same for him,” says a dedicated women’s athlete.

“We are indulging in rom-coms and baking on Galentine’s Day, which is actually on Monday the 13th,” says a friend group at a lower Wismer table.

“I do not believe in the capitalistic behavior that Hollywood and Hallmark has unconsciously signed us up for as a society in hope of bettering our bad relationships for one day,” says an aggressive man standing at the Main Street SEPTA bus-stop.

Whatever way you chose to spend your Valentine’s Day, with whomever, whenever, we hope it meets the bar!