What Do the Phillies Mean to Ursinus?

Ava Compagnoni (avcompagnoni@ursinus.edu)

The Phillies going to the World Series means a lot and is very exciting because I have been watching the team since I was a little kid. I have always loved to watch baseball because I play softball and it was always good bonding time with my family. It also is really cool to see how far the team has come from the beginning of the season to now. No one expected them to get this far but they believed in themselves, worked hard and are putting on a show. – Sara Sullivan ’22

The Phillies going to the world series means a lot to me because i’ve been able to call philly home my whole life & have followed this team since i was a little girl. it’s fulfilling my inner child knowing that this team has worked so hard & i’ve seen it first hand. also- it means the world to me because my 93 grandma who was a season ticket holder her whole life (deadass from like the 50-80s) who is OBSESSED w the Phillies is able to watch them succeed once again & i can see my family come together to cheer on our team in the world series!!! – Cece Grahn ’22

It means the world to me because I hardly ever miss a game and we haven’t made the post season, let alone the World Series. It’s also unsure of how their success will pan out in the future so this may be our only shot to win it all for a while – Ricky McDonald ’23

It would mean so much to me, It has been so long since the Phillies have been good and I have had to watch bad to mediocre teams for over 10 years so to finally see them back in the World Series is amazing. – Lars Jespersen ’24

The Phillies going to the World Series is the ultimate reward to a long drought of competitive baseball in Philadelphia. They were the team that had the most impact on my childhood as a kid, with Ryan Howard, chase utley, jimmy rollins, and Cole hamels being some of my favorite athletes growing up.  Following their success with a sharp decline left the Phillies as an afterthought in the Philly sports landscape, with many failed prospects and losing seasons to follow. As the team tried to make improvements to get the Phillies back to playing October baseball, the disappointment only grew with bryce Harper, JT realmuto, and Rhys Hoskins headlining solid teams that would succumb to heartbreaking late season collapses. The Phillies being back in the World Series means that they are here to stay, and we finally have high level baseball after years without it. – Will Oberholtzer ’22

Philly is such a fun place to live and be when one of its teams is in the hunt for a championship. I think what it means to me the most is a really great feeling in the city. – Doron Taussig