What renovations do you want to see in Lower Wismer?

Layla Halterman: lahalterman@ursinus.edu

We surveyed Ursinus students about what renovations they would like to see in Lower Wismer:

“A more modern look, a boba station, more healthy options, better convenience store (much bigger).” – Amelia ‘26

“More natural light, maybe some greenery and natural wood accents. It’d also be nice to see a terminal design (for ordering food) that doesn’t disconnect on the regular. There’s got to be a better way to streamline the process of ordering food better than it is now.” – Aaron G. ‘24

“Open later. Soda machine always working because a majority of the time things that aren’t soda such as Gatorade and lemonade are just water.” – Jimmy Lefchak ‘24

“More structure in ordering and picking up, more bigger seating options, better food/food options.” – G. Falen ‘25

“Get rid of that weird wood wall behind the booths near the pit, that alone would make it a nicer and more modern space!” – Jake Kosa ‘25

“Healthier options and more vegetables.” – Dora ‘24

“Maybe some other food options. Like if it wasn’t just all greasy food. But also if Jasmine’s stayed open and offered more bakery options and teas. That may lighten Wismer up.” – Madison ‘26

“More food options, maybe a BBQ food option at the grill.” – Zach ‘23

“More vegetarian options and high nutri- tion options.” – Adrian ‘25

“Repainted walls, brighter tiles, more windows, updated furniture.” – Hizra Ahmad ‘26

“A pool.” – The 2019 UC Swim Team

“Comfier seating for studying.” – Emily Carkhuff ‘25

“I have been pleased with Lower Wismer, but I would like them to stop serving cold breakfast sandwiches in the morning.” – Jayden ‘25

“I would love there to be more daylight! It often feels dark and dingy inside of Lower. Also, the kiosks and some of the seating should be updated. The food options in Lower are good, and it can be a good place to meet friends or do work, but a lot of the physical space just feels dark and outdated.” – Isabel Wesman ‘23

“Slot machines.” – Marie Sykes ‘24

“Better food.” – Conner ‘26

“A UFC octagon.” – The Wrestling Team

“Expansion of the C-Store that have more health food options, and overall a more modern and clean look in lower wis like the commons has, better seating options, as well as more health food options.” – Veronica Filippone ‘26

“More green beans.” – Bella Orsini ‘23