What will seniors be doing after graduation?

“I’m moving to DC to work at the Department of State for two years. I’m looking forward to living in a new place and exploring a new city.” – Rachel Arthur

“I will be taking a gap year to study and take my MCAT. Then, I will be applying to Medical School.” – Alex Goldsby

“I’ll be pursuing a PhD in Physics starting this fall, most likely at Purdue.” – Liam Powers

“After I graduate, I plan to work for a year to save up money for grad school. My goal is to pursue a Master’s Degree and find a career that allows me to continue my passion for both literature and theatre.” – Kate Foley

“Post-Ursinus, I am planning to attend the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research at Bryn Mawr College in Fall 2023.” – Serena Rose Gaskin

“I honestly don’t have an exact plan right now, but I’m hoping to get a job creating and producing music for albums, films, and/or video games. I still have a music internship to complete this summer, so I think that will help me find exactly what I want to do moving forward.” – Austin Brzecki

“I plan on going into teaching, either through Teach for America, which is a non-profit foundation, or another service.” – Evan Dietrich

“I’ll be working with Teach for America to help close opportunity gaps in the Phila- delphia area.” – Will Cottone

“I want to spend this next year getting experience in the job world and then applying to graduate programs, hopefully studying marine science and coral reef restoration.” – Julia Racowsky

“I will be pursuing my masters in communication. I received a full scholarship to Baylor but haven’t decided if I’m going there or Villanova. So, I will continue with my participation in community service with my local organizations.” – Julia Paiano

“I will be working with CVS Health Aetna as a Senior Underwriting Associate and aim to improve health insurance and rates. I plan on also pursuing a career in sports analytics/sports statistics with sports companies and organizations.” – James Fells

Chase Portaro: chportaro@ursinus.edu