What will you miss about Ursinus?

Kate Horan: kahoran@ursinus.edu

We asked students what they will miss about Ursinus after they graduate:

“Meeting up for coffee in The Commons with my friends.” – Haleigh Olsen

“Having all my closest people within walking distance! Leaving college and all going different places is something I am so not ready for!” -Katie Cressman

“Professors and how pretty the campus is in the fall.” -N

“Not being in walking distance of my friends for game nights.”- Amanda Marley

“Having all my friends so close, and being able to see them whenever I wanted.” – Jenna Smith

“The eggplant parm panini at Cafe 2020.” – Miles Noecker

“Friends.” – Sarah Fales

“All of my amazing friends and faculty mentors – Ursinus is a one-of-a-kind close-knit community and it’s bittersweet to leave it behind.”- Kate Foley

“Boolin in Hobson.” – Alyssa