Wismer feeds more than Ursinus students

Jenni Berrios


Around campus, Upper Wismer is known for offering students a buffet-style dining option. Off-campus, Upper Wismer is also appreciated at a local food shelter called Manna on Main Street, where a program called Wismer on Wheels helps to feed residents.

Wismer on Wheels is an on-campus organization which delivers food to the shelter twice a week. Deliveries happen on Mondays and Thursdays to Manna on Mainstreet in Landsdale, Pennsylvania. This is thanks to Ursinus students who package leftover food from the dining hall. The food that is donated only comes from the warmers and has not been touched. This is a precaution to avoid any bacteria being transported. Wismer on Wheels avoids donating food items like soup, dairy, and fish. This is to ensure that the food does not expire quickly. 

“I think it is very successful,” says Nate Antwi, a consistent volunteer for Wismer on Wheels. “We have been doing [Wismer on Wheels] for four years now. I know the people at the food shelter appreciate us for being consistent donors.”

Not only is Wismer on Wheels good for the community but also a great way to be sustainable. Food is not being thrown away — instead it is going to places where  it is needed.         

According to Manna on Main Street’s website, Manna on Main Street’s goal is to diminish hunger in Northern Pennsylvania; their website shares that they provide food as well as social services and education for people in need.

Donations are a big help to make that goal come to life. “The constant donations and loyalty Ursinus gives is appreciated,” says Jane Kro, a volunteer who is one of the assigned delivery people for Wismer on Wheels.

If you would like to volunteer for Wismer on Wheels or to learn more about them, send them an email at wismeronwheels@ursinus.edu.