Women’s Basketball Finds Silver Lining

Photo Courtesy of David Morgan

Morgan Grabowski, mograbowski@ursinus.edu

Like the other athletic teams who had a season this semester, the women’s basketball team has had to come to terms with the new normal that comes with Covid-19 regulations. They had fewer practices than usual, and were not allowed to do many of the bonding activities they would usually do together. Despite not having any games and having to practice social distancing during their practices, the team chose to look at their season positively, and focus on what they could achieve together instead of what they were missing out on. The women’s basketball team took this season as an opportunity to hone both their physical and mental fortitude.

Margaret White, the head coach for the women’s basketball team, commends her team on their sportsmanship and focus during the season. She states: “The players had a lot to do with motivating themselves and each other, and they did a terrific job.” White used this season not only to develop and strengthen the team’s skills, but also to strengthen the bonds within the team. She and the rest of the coaching staff worked hard to keep the team focused on their goals: “We tried to be creative as coaches with adapting our drills and really sought a lot of player feedback during the semester.” White is thankful that the team was able to practice together this year, especially knowing that not every team in the conference was able to do the same.

Maddy Sorokanych, class of 2022, feels that basketball and the team helped her during this confusing time: “I can say that I value basketball more than I ever have. I think many of the athletes feel the same way and this season has been invaluable in the long run.” She laments not being able to bond with her teammates like they did during past seasons, but feels that the practices and being able to see her teammates helped bring a sense of normalcy back. She states: “Creating and keeping the relationships that we have without teammates and coaches has made everyday better.” Maddie is grateful for the team, and looks forward to going back to practice after the break.

Gabby Downs, class of 2022, looks back on this season as a period of growth and learning for the team. Having no games lets her focus on bettering herself and growing as a

player and a teammate. She states: “I can truly say that I got the most out of this season than both of my previous seasons at UC. I learned the importance of being mentally tough, to lean on teammates and coaches when feeling down, and I have grown as a player.” Like her teammates, Gabby focused on the positive this season. It wasn’t always easy, though, Gabby says that the team had to overcome a lot: “The team had to be very mentally tough and overcome many mental hardships due to COVID-19. We had to keep our focus on bettering ourselves and the team for the next season.” Gabby’s main takeaway from this season is to never take anything for granted, and she hopes to be back on the court soon.

The women’s basketball team focused on keeping a positive attitude, and working hard on bettering themselves. This past season gave them all an opportunity to grow and build their skills without the added pressure of games. Although it was both mentally and physically taxing, the team pushed through and has made great strides during their five week season. They look forward to the Spring and hope that they will be able to play in games in the near future.