Wrestling Feature

Julia Paiano (jupaiano@ursinus.edu)

With the official cancellation of all Fall and Winter sports in the 2020-2021 season, it would be easy for the Men’s Wrestling team to feel defeated, but instead they are feeling prepared for the future and eager to see where the coming months take them. The team is hoping to be able to practice during the spring months, but still keeping in shape through individual lifts and workouts. 

The members of the team feel that despite the circumstances of having to socially distance, and follow all COVID-19 restrictions, they have actually been brought closer as a team. Sophomore Shawn Marchesano talks about how the team dynamic has shifted, “COVID has brought us closer as a team. It has been a frustrating time so being there for each other has been our goal.” The team has built a support system where teammates can feel comfortable relying on each other during this time, in order to make the unforeseen circumstances more tolerable. Not only are the wrestlers themselves making sure to be there for one another but their coaching staff is as well. “We have the best coaching staff a team could ask for,” Marchesano continued, “They have been keeping in touch with us everyday, giving us updates and making sure we are all safe and well.” The team expressed their gratitude for having such a caring group of people to rely on whether it was related to wrestling, or other major aspects of their lives. 

However, for senior Jason Carter, he does admit it is a bit upsetting that his career has ended the way it has: “It would have been nice to get another shot at becoming an NCAA champion, but I feel wrestling has prepared me to fight in MMA and accomplish future goals.” Carter notes that although his college career may be winding down, he feels ready to tackle future challenges. “Wrestling has shown me how to overcome adversity in life. It has taught me to never give up and work hard, so I feel prepared for whatever comes my way.” Teammates agree that participating in this sport has prepared them for challenges in life and has given them skills to help overcome them.

On the other end, Ursinus’ freshman athletes are just beginning their college athletic careers and are eager for them to finally start. First-year student Will Schwartz shares what he thinks will be the biggest adjustment from high school to college athletics, “The pace of wrestling. Everyone is going to be as competitive as me so I need to set my own pace and wrestle hard.” It is difficult for the freshman to imagine the possibilities of what “could be” their college athletic careers, but the freshmen on this team are surely ready and willing to put in the work so that when it is safe to begin competing, they are more prepared than ever. 

We are excited to see what both the current and graduating wrestlers are able to accomplish in the future!