2023 Recap

Photo by Georgia Gardner
Article by Erin Corcoran <ercorcoran@ursinus.edu> and Georgia Gardner <gegardner@ursinus.edu>


Welcome back for the Spring Semester: Students came back rested from their winter break, ready to welcome the spring semester on campus.

Golden Alcove Disappeared: Students returned to Wismer to find the dining hall rearranged and the gold alcove absent.



Eagles Superbowl: The post-season and super bowl created a buzz on campus, as everyone rallied around the team. While they lost, it created valuable memories for students, from watching the big game in Reimert or the Olin Auditorium. Go Birds!

Spring Rush: Greek Life decided to shake things up in the Spring semester for the second year in a row and implement spring rush for sororities and fraternities. Each Greek organization had the opportunity to organize rush events and gain new members, just as in the spring. This also brought in the second class of Pi Chi Poodles.



Dean Schneider Announces Departure: Beloved Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College Mark Schneider’s exit announcement shocked students and faculty alike.

Admitted Students Day: At the end of March, Admissions held their annual Admitted Students Day for the prospective class of 2027.



Celebrated Student Achievements with CoSA: Another annual event, the Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA) occurred in April. This year, students across disciplines presented their research, performances, internships, and more.

URSPYS: Ursinus Athletics hosted their second annual awards for athletic achievement, the URSPYS. Awards included Rookie and Athlete of the Year, Senior MVPs, and other honors.

Rain Garden Opened: The Environmental Studies department launched their rain garden, located on the path between Wismer and the Kaleidoscope to grow native plants and assist with flooding.  



Omega Chi Disbanded: We said goodbye to Omega Chi.

2023 Graduation: In May, we said farewell to graduating seniors at Baccalaureate and Graduation.



Handbook Changes: September saw some shake-ups and changes around campus. The biggest contention was over handbook changes, including policy shifts regarding LED lights, the Good Samaritan Policy, and drinking games, all of which caused concern and conversation across the student body.

Wismer Changes: More welcomed changes appeared in Wismer. Students rejoiced at the introduction of acai bowls at Naturals and Wawa coffee in Upper, among other improvements.

The Hive Opened: The Wellness Center expanded this fall with the introduction of The Hive. This is the new home to counseling services and Health Promotion Office along with a space for activities that align with the Okanagan Charter.

Welcomed New Professors: The campus welcomed new professors in many departments and excitedly signed up for their courses.

Became Recovery Friendly Workplace: To also assist with the Okanagan Charter, Ursinus became the first college campus that is a Recovery Friendly Workplace, creating new opportunities for faculty and staff mental health and wellness.

Gundolf Graml Named New Provost: The College selected Gundolf Graml as the new Vice President of Academic Affairs and first Provost at Ursinus. He will begin in February 2024. 


Dorm Vandalism: In October, a student left a message of hate speech on a white board in BPS. The incident left the campus community, especially LGBTQ+ and Jewish students, concerned.

Homecoming: Homecoming occurred during the last weekend of October. The treasured tradition brought alumni back to celebrate their school and ushered in fun events for the campus, culminating in a football win.



Football Postseason: The football teams’ good fortune gained more momentum in November, when they secured their place in the postseason after a tense game against Dickinson.



Celebration of Lights: December brought in another annual event on campus, the Celebration of Lights. Students, including the Fullbright Fellows, shared their cultural holiday traditions.


We wish all Bears a great Winter Break and start to 2024!