A Look Inside Art Club

Photo by Michael Nieves-Hoblin

Article by Michael Nieves-Hoblin <minieveshoblin@ursinus.edu>

The clubs at Ursinus College help to connect students with the broader campus community and provide them with outlets to express their creativity, athleticism, or academic prowess. Art Club has existed since the Fall of 2022 and is a vibrant and creative community that thrives on the passion and talent of its members.

Comprising a diverse group of individuals with a shared love for artistic expression, the club serves as a haven for creativity and self-discovery. Art Club gives a wide variety of students the opportunity to de-stress and express their artistic side regardless of ability. Art Club is led by its President and co-founder, Story Coleman ’24, who was “severely missing being able to do art” due to her focus on academics. Coleman wanted to “create Art Club as a space and time for people who didn’t have the time because of classes to be creative”.

The ability to create art, especially on campus, is something Coleman is passionate about and asserts that it’s “vital for there to be a place for students to be creative on their own terms. The art classes (at Ursinus) are amazing and give you skills for that outlet, but it’s different when you’re making art on your own and by yourself rather than for a grade.” Art Club boasts an impressive roster of around 20 regular students. One of the students expressed that they enjoy Art Club solely for hanging out with Story. Some students like Jay ‘24,  are there to “enjoy the vibes.” I know I can’t blame them for just wanting to hang out: Coleman and her executive board have created a welcoming environment where artists of all skill levels gather to explore various mediums and techniques. From traditional painting and drawing to digital art, sculpture, and mixed media, every artistic avenue is embraced. Members find inspiration in each other’s work and share tips, tricks, and constructive feedback to enhance their skills.

While many of the club’s members bring their own supplies, the Art Studio does provide some materials for students to use as well. Treasurer and additional Art Club co-founder Mairead McDermott ’24 explains how it is essential for there to be “a creative space for people to exist in without necessarily being an art student. Art materials are expensive and we make it so that you don’t have to pay to explore new mediums. We like to make it accessible.”  

Art Club will be holding many fun events throughout the semester, an example is an embroidery collaboration event with Ursinus’ Maker’s Club. Art Club meets every Thursday from 5-7pm in the Ritter Art Center, so come check it out!