A Radio Revolution: WVOU opens up for Semester

Photo of Dominic Minicozzi, hard at work in the studio, by Marie Sykes

Article by Adam Denn <addenn@ursinus.edu>

A swarm of students packed into a small classroom in Ritter Hall this past Friday afternoon for the first official meeting of Ursinus’s WVOU Radio. The radio station, a consistent staple within the Ursinus community, was brought back in 2022 due to heavy student interest after a COVID-related hiatus. The program now continues into the 2023-24 school year with a plethora of new changes and goals. 

The biggest appeal of WVOU Radio is its versatility: the radio can be used by all students for anything they can imagine broadcasting at any time. Podcasts, radio talk shows, DJing, and even a Doctor Who show were all mentioned as potential uses of the station, a very diverse set of content that reflects the Ursinus student body. The station also runs 24/7, allowing for first-come-first-serve radio time at any hour for those interested. “If you want to come play the Barbie soundtrack at 3 AM, we want you to be able to do that,” exclaimed club president Ty Ways ‘24. The club also pointed to the studio as a resource for students to study, with the freedom to relax and be accompanied by the music/podcast of your choice. The studio’s flexibility provides a valuable asset to the Ursinus community. Given the popularity of the radio station, the club has also had the opportunity to make new upgrades this year, including improving upon the already impressive studio. The sound board has been updated this year with many new features, including the ability to create sound effects to play during radio programs. The group has also taken it upon themselves this year to attempt to get the radio played more in public spaces throughout campus. This would allow for more engagement with the Ursinus community, in support of the station’s mission to “become more connected with the community on campus and add more people,” stated webmaster Erin Corcoran ‘24. Connectivity seems to be the station’s main goal, uniting students of similar interests and allowing students an opportunity to express themselves on campus. Members at the meeting pointed to the radio as an avenue to share a connection with those on campus, to find common interests with other students who they may not have interacted with otherwise. It’s this opportunity that makes WVOU a truly special resource for all.  If interested, contact wvou@ursinus.edu for more information and follow them on Instagram @wvou.radio.