April Editor’s Letter

Dear Ursinus Family, 

After taking a much needed break back in March from writing, I feel rejuvenated to offer up words of wisdom for the month of April. The change of weather, flowers blooming, and the semester nearing its end are guaranteed mood magic. 

It is baffling to think I will be a senior in just a few short weeks. It seems like yesterday I was a scared, apprehensive freshman navigating the waters on her own for the first time, as both Dr. Amanda Reig & Dr. Samantha Wilner in the Chemistry Department can attest. I would often grapple with two questions: what work I’d choose to pursue and how I would leave Ursinus better than I found it. In retrospect, being slightly older and wiser, this is what I wish I knew when I first stumbled on the grounds of Ursinus. 

First, surround yourself with people smarter than you. They will challenge you to your very core and force you to level up. Second, there is no straight path to where you are going – no one has it all figured out. Most are winging it. If you try to draw that line, you will likely get it all wrong and miss out on big opportunities. I promise it works out better than you could even fathom. And lastly, find work you love and do it with gusto. When you are passionate and enthusiastic about a discipline, you’re more likely to put your best foot forward and succeed beyond belief.