Bear Bites Are Back

Liam Geib (

As of two weeks ago, Wismer was very hit or miss when it came to their dinner selections. With the revived Bear Bites addition to the dining menu, Upper Wismer is once again a delicious option to look forward to. The menu item of the night is often very different from what students are used to and no matter what it is, it is an absolute hit. 

As a senior at Ursinus, I have seen my fair share of the good, bad, and ugly meals Wismer could offer. And with my nearly four years of experience I can conclude that Bear Bites are the absolute best meals I’ve had at Wismer. A normal campus dinner could range anywhere from pasta and chicken nuggets to buffalo chicken wings and baked ham, then to a Thanksgiving feast. Whenever a student may not have interest in an option, they are left with pizza or the cheeseburger of the day. Although these aren’t bad options to be left with, Bear Bites offers an additional and beyond yummy option. 

Bear Bites this semester that have cemented themselves in my memory have been the pulled pork tostada taco and the jambalaya over mashed sweet potatoes. Both of these meals have been truly amazing and the line was in constant movement both nights. These are meals that give a glimpse of what can come of Bear Bites. If the past is the measuring stick, Ursinus students have a ton to look forward to. Meals like pulled pork mac and cheese sandwiches, and pork street tacos are some of the few that hit Wismer plates last year.

With less than two months left at Ursinus, I am an advocate for Bear Bites to stay. No matter what dish is being served on any given night, Bear Bites delivers an exceptional experience for Ursinus students. I will be one of many in line for the Bear Bites dishes until the semester ends.